The NBA is one of the largest sports betting markets

By Ucatchers

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the stars of the online betting world and especially the NBA, one of the most attractive sports events in the world, even for those who are not fans but who do enjoy major sporting events.

Each NBA game, regardless of who the teams face each other, is a show in itself, and undoubtedly more than a sporting event.. The world figures that compose it, the show in the stadiums, the high level of play and the sports betting complete a perfect combo. Bets can be developed prior to the match or during it, live in all its variants.

What kind of bets can be made?

The betting modalities are varied and there are options for all tastes. Betting on the winner of a match or on the exact result are some of the options available in all sports betting houses.

Today, the NBA also offers the possibility of making combined bets on the winner of several games, which multiplies the winning factors, usually giving great results.

The schedules are not usually comfortable for European spectators although many place their bets in advance. As there are several matches on the same day, the opportunity to combine matches to increase the winning share grows.

The usual calendar runs from October to April with 82 matches per team, which as the dates go by, bettors have more information on each team, the level of their players and injuries.. An injured star offside is undoubtedly something that can be missed.

Bets on the champion are a classic and can be made from before the start of the tournament, during the regular season and also in the play offs by changing the odds.

Other possible bets in the NBA

The variety of options is one of the attractions of online sports betting houses. Among the betting possibilities are also:

  • MVP of the year
  • Rookie (Rookie) of the Year
  • Best coach
  • Best defender
  • Top scorer in each game
  • Top scorer of the season

How is the NBA played?

The competition system is not simple and it is very particular. Each team plays 82 matches, and without this meaning that they play the same number of matches against each opponent. There are a total of 41 at home and 41 as a visitor.

The NBA is divided into the western and eastern conference, with fifteen teams in each. The best eight from each conference qualify for the playoffs facing the 8th to the 1st, the 7th to the 2nd, the 6th to the 3rd and the 4th to the 5th to seven games. The favorite has the advantage that if the seventh match has to be played, they keep the home.

You advance to the conference finals (which would be an NBA semifinal in simple words) and then the winners of each conference contest the NBA finals in search of their ring.

This is how the bets are on the NBA champion today

The numbers vary as the competition progresses and the chances of a team qualifying for the Play Offs or not increase and the level of each team also influences.

Currently the NBA winner including the Playoffs the numbers are:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: 3.50 to 1
  • Brooklyn Nets: 5 to 1
  • Los Angeles Clippers: 6.50 to 1
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 8 to 1
  • Utah Jazz: 13 to 1

On the other hand, among the “almost impossible” are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder who pay 501 per dollar wagered.

The great candidates

The current champions are still the great candidates to repeat. They pay $ 3.50 for each bet. Led by Lebron James, the top figure in the NBA and Anthony Davies, the Lakers continue on the right track.

The incorporation of the Spanish Marc Gasol, brother of Pau who won with the Lakers years ago, added more hierarchy to a team that already stood out in each game. ANDTime will tell if the biggest candidates win or if this year there will be surprises, the highest paying in the betting world.

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