The mistake of amateur League betting

By Ucatchers

When we talk about amateur League betting, it sounds strange to us, but over time it has become normalized in traditional sports. It does not seem unusual to see bets in non-professional leagues.

But things change when we talk about amateur League betting, it is not the same. I explain why, the amateur in this sector has not yet established itself as suchThere are many regions that do not even have a second division or if they do, they do not give it enough importance to be a weight league.

In these amateur circuits, players either do not charge, or at most charge € 50 per month. You don’t have to be very smart to add 1 + 1, charging € 50 per month, for letting you lose a game you will win 10 times more.

Many of these players that we are commenting on, do not directly take what the amateur is as something professional, and they are playing either because they like to compete or just for fun. In fact, I know players who say that they are not going to get anywhere, that they simply play because they like to compete.

To give a more concise example and something that has happened in recent days: They have taken quotas for the «Liga Nexo«. This league is like the Spanish second division, of academies and amateur teams. These players as I say they do not charge or charge miseries. But as in this league, in any other or tournament, for example Underdogs in France, who play second division teams or teams formed to play amateur tournaments. Of all this there are quotas and it is a recent case, before they were not given, obviously due to the danger they can run.

LoL bets on amateur, can lead to many scandals or rigging and spoil the career of some young players, I see it that way. The sector is not developed enough to be able to bet on the amateur. Not only because of the players, but also because of the current regulations of Riot Games, which do not pay much attention to the amateur circuits.

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