The management of the game defends with its own study the responsibility of Spanish players

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The 11th edition of the Game and Society Study concludes that the possible new prevention policies must be approached surgically, to treat a limited and defined problem.

Gaming and Society 2020

Gaming and Society 2020

The bosses of the game observes with uncertainty the different currents of opinion that are being formed around the sector. It fears being affected by new regulations that try to respond to a public opinion that tries to be influenced by different ideological currents.

The pandemic has increased this uncertainty, due to the use of exceptional measures during the state of alarm, specifically in the field of gaming advertising, one of the areas most subject to discussion of all those affecting the sector.

Entrepreneurs from the private gaming sector, who for obvious reasons they defend that it is not necessary to tighten the restrictions on the advertising of their businesses, are based on the latest edition of a recent study of their own on the situation of gambling in Spain and the sociology associated with the activity of gambling itself -XI edition of the Estudio Juegos y Sociedad-, to try to demonstrate the roots of gambling in society Spanish, the effectiveness of current responsible gambling policies and the responsibility of companies in the fight against health disorders caused by gambling.

According to its authors, “the objective of this research is to analyze the relationship between Spanish society and gambling in a real and verifiable way. Gambling is subject to debate, like many productive activities, which further exacerbates the need for this type of studies that provide an objective view, based on data, for public opinion, Administrations and the media “.

In the strict range of the data offered by the report, without going into the analysis made by the interested party, they highlight gambling figures in Spain.

The employer estimates the percentage of the adult population in Spain that remembers having participated in some activity related to gambling in the last year in a striking 84.9%, which denotes a slight recovery from the lowest level reached after the 2013 crisis (80%) and still far from the 90% that was allowed to play before the 2008 crisis.

The simple fact of filling in a pool or buying a coupon from ONCE, games managed by the public sector, enables the inclusion of an adult in this group. Hence the greater volume of Spanish gambling activity. In the Christmas Lottery draw alone, 25,800,000 players gather, 74.5% of the entire field of study.

The private sector is responsible for what the study calls “entertainment games”, in which participation is significantly reduced, up to 6,500,000 users. They include bingo halls, casinos, slot machines, game rooms and sports betting, etc …

In the chapter that affects us directly, that of online game, the study yields a figure of 1,530,000 players, of which 630,000 connect regularly -At least once a month-.

“Of these, there are only 300,000 who gamble steadily, that is, barely 0.9% of the population between 18 and 75 years old. After the novelty, the typical behavior of those who play on the Internet settles: the gaming sessions are shortened and the amounts spent are kept at levels similar to any other hobby. “

Despite this notable incidence of gambling among the population, the study affirms that the figures on gambling disorders they are improving under the current regulatory framework.

“The problem gambling index at the beginning of 2020 is at 0.3% of the population between 18 and 75 years old (0.1% if it is measured with the PGSI questionnaire and 0.3% if it is measured with the DSM-IV ) “. It corresponds to a total of 7,000 cases diagnosed.

“These rates keep Spain among the five countries with the lowest incidence of problem gambling, along with Sweden, Germany, France and England. In general, in Western Europe problem gambling is declining, with the exception of Italy.”

If you are more interested in knowing the breakdown of the figures or the conclusions derived from them by the experts commissioned by the gambling association to carry out the study, we reiterate the link to the original document.

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