THE INTERVIEW – R6, word to T3b of Macko Esports

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Only 18 years on the identity card, but already with clear ideas and a great personality. Edward “T3b” Treglia is one of the youngest and most talented players on the Italian competitive scene of Rainbow Six. A few weeks ago he graduated Champion of Italy with the Macko. A Winter Split that also bears his signature, given the solidity shown in the final against the Mkers in the most difficult moments of the contest. Today it was told to the microphones of, here is his interview.

T3b, let’s start from the Nats final. It is the first Italian title of your career. Does it have a special flavor? And on a personal level are you satisfied with your season?

“It has a special flavor because it came against the Mkers, who fought with us throughout the championship. And I am happy to have achieved this with Macko, an organization that is always available and has been able to help us at all times. On a personal level, however, I am not quite satisfied with my season. I would have liked a lot more consistency in performance and didn’t show my worth. I managed, however, to solve this problem in the playoffs. I worked a lot from the point of view of mentality ”.

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It was an early part of the season with some ups and downs, but in the end you managed to take the title home. What made the difference in the playoffs and in the final against the Mkers?

“I think experience has made a difference in the playoffs. The roster consists of four players who have already won. We then managed to remain united as a team. Much more than in the regular season. During the matches there was always a good atmosphere, the communication between us was always very clean and we never let ourselves be discouraged even when we were at a disadvantage ”.

In 2020 you had the opportunity to compete with the European Challenger. How do you judge your path in Europe?

“It was the first European Challenger League for me, Keenan and J3n4. A very constructive experience. We could have done a lot more, but we didn’t have enough time to prepare well. The team had recently formed. It was still necessary to understand what was the right way to train and how to use all the time. I think, however, that having reached the playoffs is still a good result as a first experience ”.

In a year marked by the pandemic, how important was it for you to have an organization like Macko behind you?

“Macko was very important to us. For them this is not a hobby, behind there is a serious project with very solid foundations. The gaming house also facilitated our work in organizing the various bootcamps. And I assure you that, with a pandemic in place, organizing all these things is not easy at all. Their work was fundamental ”.

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Now there is a second part of the season to prepare. Is the goal to be successful in the next Split, given the Challenger at stake?

“Our goal is to confirm the Challenger League. We have shown that Splits are not a race, but a marathon. It is important to know how to be consistent. The playoffs, therefore, are our main goal. Winning all matches in the regular season is certainly something we would like to do, but not a priority ”.

You are one of the youngest and most talented players on the Italian scene. Do you have a dream in the drawer that you want to realize?

“I would like to make this game my job for as long as possible. Raising the name of Italy in esports, as well as winning trophies and enhancing this nation. The hope is that more and more Italian players will be able to make room for themselves at high levels like in the European League and I would like to be among them. All this to send a strong message to everyone, even our parents. Esports is a sport like any other and must be considered as such. Behind there is a lot of work and there are many sacrifices. Obviously, these are not the sacrifices of those who get up in the morning to go to the construction site. However, spending half the day on the PC for training is not easy. Just as it is not easy to manage social life or to be able to find a balance between school commitments and being a professional player “.

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