THE INTERVIEW – GoSkilla and the slot sold, word to Neuro

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A turbulent start to the season for Rainbow Six Siege’s competitive scene. GoSkilla have sold their Pg Nationals slot to Cyberground Gaming, putting the roster at the door. So we decided to hear Michael “Neuro” Pestelli, former captain of the GSK.

The controversy of foreign rosters was not enough, in recent days the Rainbow Six Siege community has been upset by another situation at the limit. It all happened within a few hours. THE GoSkilla they first sold the Pg Nationals slot to Cyberground Gaming. Yesterday, however, the organization announced your entry into the GSA. Nothing strange, you say. Too bad that, once again, the real protagonists are paying for these situations to the limit. A few days before the start of the season, in fact, the players who were supposed to defend the GoSkilla colors in the Italian league they found themselves suddenly without team for this sudden change. A change announced in clear delay e which could also lead Ubisoft to investigate the issue. In the meantime, we at tried to clarify the situation with the former GoSkilla captain Michael “Neuro” Pestelli.

Thanks and goodbye to the @Goskilla team, who decided not to participate in the PGNATS Spring Split!

The team’s roster of players will participate in the championship wearing the @Cyber_Esport t-shirt.
Good luck guys! 🔥

– Rainbow Six IT (@ Rainbow6IT) March 30, 2021

Neuro, we have seen of this handover between GoSkilla and Cyberground Gaming. When did you know that the organization would sell the slot leaving you without the possibility of playing the PG Nationals?

“We knew that Goskilla would sell the slot on March 24, but we still didn’t know who it could be sold to. Given the situation, therefore, I tried to get in touch with some of the organizations present in the Italian scene. We got a 24-hour ultimatum from PG to find an organization willing to take us. GoSkilla, however, was already dealing with Cyberground Gaming. At our disposal there were two offers: the first saw a very important Italian organization that needed more days for the budget, while the second that tried to negotiate with GoSkilla and received a refusal in exchange “.

Has there been a confrontation with GoSkilla these days?

“The GoSkilla partners would have made the decision anyway, but according to their words, they would have consulted us. Initially, the sale of the slot would have had to take place under a contract, where consequently they would have had to maintain the previous contractual conditions also with the players. What, then, did not happen at the passage. We worked together for three months and essentially with the change of cards on the table we found ourselves with nothing in our hands “.

Finally the day has come! It’s time for announcements Goskilla will participate in the next GSA Split 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇦🇹 Our players are ready to face a new challenge.With only one ambition: win! @ SherminatorR6 @ SolotovR6 @ Exp0R6 @ M4DMAN_ @ Mekses_R6 @RainbowSixDE @Siege_GG #Goskilla #GSK

– GOSKILLA (@Goskilla) April 1, 2021

Given that the regulation allows it and in the light of situations that have always occurred in the limit that have also happened in Europe, do you think that the regulation should be revised a little to protect players better?

“The rules in the other Nationals and in the European League are different from ours. Pg already knows about this topic, because I have provided feedback. I hope that this situation does not happen again and that the right rules are adopted to help the players in extreme situations like this one ”.

In recent years you have always had a great performance in the last Nats. Has there already been any proposal perhaps from other organizations?

“I’m not currently looking for a team. We are being evaluated with the others on the team. Whether to continue together with a proposal that came to us from another Nationals or to wait for the various market phases and see what happens ”.

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