The ideal quintet of this European Masters 2021

By Ucatchers

With the victory of KCorp to Excel the point and end of this European Masters and with this we make our ideal quintet of the competition. Here’s a look at the top five players in the competition at each of the League of Legends positions.

Top: Orome (BT Excel)

The former MAD Lions has shown his level and experience in this competition with his more aggressive side. With champions capable of snowballing, the Romanian tried to keep BT Excel with a chance of beating KCorp.

One of the plays of the tournament, stars Orome, achieving a penta with Camille and leaving Cream Real Betis with no options to pass in the group of death. Paradoxically, the Spanish fell against the two finalists in the competition.

Jungle: Cinkrof, Karmine Corp

The Polish, old man known to the Spanish scene, has returned to its highest level and he’s crying out for a chance at the LEC. Whether with Udyr or Hecarim or Nocturne, Cinkrof has been one step ahead of the rest of the jungles in this EUM.

In the final, he has been key to stopping Markoon and has had a watch to make the objectives and help his teammates snowball the lines and make their work easier in Summoner’s Rift.

Medium: Saken, Karmine Corp

The French needed a scenario like this to demonstrate his true potential and why Vitality relied on him for its center lane. The Karmine Corp medium achieved more solokills than anyone else in the competition, with eight and nearly 90 kills in the tournament.

Saken pulled the car in the most complicated moments of his team against UCAM and his ryze was a slab that the Spaniards could not overcome after a good portal and hunted Dreedy.

ADC: Keduii, BIG

Surprisingly and at the request of our fellow Norfolkadas, Keduii enters this ideal quintet of the European Masters. After passing through Spain, the shooter has found his place and stability in Germany.

To highlight in this EUM, his games with Jinx and Tristana and the choice of Yasuo, who despite trying in the lines phase, was useful in the mid-late game.

Support: Plasma, UCAM

The Portuguese has been one of the protagonists of the tournament, and his performance is worthy of framing. The statistics are more than clear. Leader in vision advantage per minute, with an abysmal difference over the rest and the fourth player with the most assists on average.

UCAM has found a gold mine with this botlane and we hope that in summer they can extend this synergy and that they continue to bring joy to the Spanish scene.

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