The GGPoker Spring Series have no secrets for Pablo Navarro and Juan Pardo

By Ucatchers

Thanks to them two, our poker will be present in the three days 2 of the millionaire tournaments of the first day of the festival.

GGPoker Spring Festival

GGPoker Spring Festival

The Spring festival is the answer of GGPoker to the SCOOP.

The synergy between the great festivals is already more than demonstrated. And if only because of the pressure between the rooms to offer more and better tournaments to their clients, that would be reason enough to rejoice. Last year, SCOOP received an extension in response to GGPoker’s WSOP Circuit. For now, there is no news that this is repeated.

Asian hall festival spreads from April 4 to 23, with 110 events with three different buy-in levels, 330 tournaments for those who are destined $ 150M guaranteed. The organizers have been given two chances to break the Sunday Million 15th Anniversary record, the $ 1,500 Main Event and one of the Super Million $ editions. Both will have a guaranteed start-up of $ 10M.

Also, we couldn’t have asked for a better start for the Spanish poker reps. The highlights of the first day were three millionaire tournaments lasting two days, and in all three we will have an applicant to cheer on until the end.

Juan Pardo will be our man in the two most expensive tournaments, the Super Million $ 10,300 and the Sunday Five Million $ 25,500, and Pablo navarro will defend a below-average position in the $ 1,050 High Rollers Main Event.

GGSF H-05 Super Million $ 10,300 $ (9 players / 312): Juan Pardo (4th), with $ 73,259 insured.

GGSF H-06 Sunday Five Million $ 25,500 (9 players / 198). Juan Pardo (9th), with $ 108,489 insured.

GGSF M-05 High Rollers Main Event $ 1,050 (37 players / 1,091 players). Pablo navarro (27th), with $ 4,374 insured.

It may seem that, by position and guaranteed prize, Pablo’s achievements are very far from Juan’s, but the former brings homework done. At the first event of the festival, aptly named Bounty Kickoff, Pablo secured the first final table of the festival.

The GGSF H-01 of $ 1,050 was pact between the last four survivors from the field of 744 players. Pablo then lost heads-up for the biggest bounty of all, although he was able to add an extra elimination for a total of $ 47,825.

The night left one more prick.

It was in the T-02 Sunday Marathon $ 300. One of the 1,427 occurrences of the tournament was “Pur3WIT“which dragged him to the final third position.

Joaquín Melogno and the German Stanislav Zegal surpassed the Spanish, to whom they corresponded $ 29.663

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