The crack of the week in the two-day .com tournaments is Sergi Reixach

By Ucatchers

Adrián Mateos goes far in many tournaments, but does not finish and Yaman Nakdali saves the Red record in GGPoker

Sergi gave Monday some guts.  WSOP

Sergi gave Monday some guts. WSOP

On Sunday he had left us pending several interesting deep runs in the two-day tournaments of the “.com” rooms.

Of all the bolones, the one that came closest to square was the High Roller Club 530 $ Bounty Builder HR, in which we had well placed from day 1 to Sergi reixach.

“srxkgirona” obtained the maximum prize for positions, but was defeated in the fight for the considerable bounty of the champion by the Swedish pro Anton Wigg, which takes refuge under the Austrian flag and the nickname “Bomber & Granater”.

With everything, Sergi earned an income of $ 54,546, the best score of the week for our team.

The one who had the most opportunities to round off Monday night was Adrian Mateos, but unfortunately everything that was fine to go so far in so many tournaments turned out to be bad luck in the decisive phase.

Not only did Amadi run out of victory in a very eventful weekend, but yesterday he ran out of FTs. At least he got an extra on the investment in the two bolones that he had pending, which is what he is looking for in these crazy Sunday sessions.

  • 11th at partypoker’s WPT Mike Sexton Classic ($ 31,337).
  • 17th in the GGPoker Super Million $ ($ 27,085).

The two best Spanish performances in Monday’s single-day tournaments also ended in defeat.

Yaman Nakdali “farmer77” arrived in one piece at the heads-up of the HR Bounty King $ 3,150, without having to make use of buybacks. His rival Vlad Martynenko needed four passes per box, 18% of the tournament’s 25 totals, but he took advantage of them to win and a good reward of almost half the bag, $ 30k from $ 75k.

Nakdali scored a good number of eliminations and composed a prize pool of $ 20,095, which took away the sea taste in our mouths that the weekend left us in the Asian room, where the only notable award had been a FT by Juan Pardo in the HR Blade Prime (7th, $ 11,946).

At Pokerstars, Lander Lijó “tua133” he also lost the last hand, but left with a feeling of victory after agree the best prize on Monday 6-Max 215 $.

The Russian “CalmRevolver” overcame a disadvantage that the ICM considered remarkable for Lander, but that was not fully reflected in the collection table. Being second, “tua133” charged $ 9,204, only $ 1,300 less than what was stipulated for the champion.

Tonight a new final table of the GGPoker Super Million $ will be broadcast, with no Spaniards in the game.

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