The controversial Main Event 2020 begins. Another, yes

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The WSOP has gotten into a huge toss-up, putting together a bizarre structure with a live final table and ignoring September champion Stoyan Madanzhiev.

At, Madanzhiev was the ME champion

At, Madanzhiev was the ME champion

The coronavirus, among other much more regrettable consequences, has managed to erase the last frontier between live poker and online poker.

The big circuits, like the WPT and the EPTResigned to the paralysis of social activity to prevent uncontrolled outbreaks of the pandemic, they have held official events in online rooms. They have moved all the paraphernalia to the other shore of the Styx lagoon; spades, the Mike Sexton’s Cup …

And the WSOP bracelets!, you’ll be yelling at me from the other side of the monitor.

Only some, I am forced to answer. The WSOP, in a controversial decision, have reneged on the Main Event they organized last September and have pulled a new WSOP 2020 Main Event from their sleeve, which started yesterday at GGPoker but will have a live final table, as in the previous 50 editions.

There is no official explanation about the origin of this decision. The WSOP has chosen to completely ignore its most recent history, and in its strange public communication of the new Main Event it does not make the slightest reference to the previous tournament, the main event of the series that were played in summer entirely on and GGPoker.

Crazier still. Ty Stewart, who is mentioned in the press release, boasts that the WSOP could not fail to fulfill its annual appointment with history: “There must be a world champion in 2020. The history of poker is too important. It is a It was an unprecedented format at the WSOP, but 2020 is a very special year. “

The confusion has been general. Reading the social networks of many players, one could almost guess the perplexity on their faces. But don’t we already have a WSOP Main Event champion in 2020? The most offended by this denial outburst of the WSOP organization was that previous winner, the one of the GGPoker tournament, Stoyan Madanzhiev. Doubtful between disbelief and anger, the Bulgarian provided the most incriminating document, his official proclamation as the 51st official winner of the WSOP Main Event, his place of honor alongside the Doyle Brunsons, Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker and so many others. .

So if I won the “51st Annual World Series of Poker Main Event” What will the December one be?
The 52nd
51 2.0
51 alpha
Just wondering #wsop

– Stoyan Madanzhiev (@Stoyan_Mad) November 14, 2020

There was an unfortunate attempt to justify the official version by targeting the buy-in of the first tournament, $ 5,000. The real ME costs $ 10,000, and that’s the buy-in for the new tournament.

The only thing the WSOP achieved with this explanation was to shake the hornet’s nest. The least serious of which Caesars was accused was misleading advertising, after selling its series on and GGPoker for months as the 51st edition of the festival.

From the beginning, the WSOP refused to accept the resignation to the dispute of the festival in the Rio. In the announcement of the cancellation of the festival that was to begin on May 26 they kept the wild card of a fall edition. The WSOPE, which should be running now, has never been officially canceled, supposedly in case the flute sounded and the bug gave a last minute truce. At this strange juncture, Madanzhiev’s WSOP network congratulation seems to have had a trick, labeling him “WSOP Online Main Event Champion,” with the tagline Online.

Congrats to Stoyan Madanzhiev for winning the WSOP Online Main Event and $ 3,904,685, the largest 1st place prize in online poker history! @GGPokerOfficial

– WSOP (@WSOP) September 6, 2020

But as unreal and absurd as the attitude of the WSOP may seem in this regard, the controversy does not end there. This vaunted commitment to poker history and tradition would not hold if the WSOP were once again forced to crown an online champion. None of this revisionist adventure would be sustained without returning to Rio, renouncing live poker again.

The option that Stewart’s people have chosen is a kind of hybrid tournament which intends to walk the contenders for the title through the Czech Republic and the United States, two countries separated by an ocean, just now that it is confirmed that the November data is the worst of the entire pandemic on US soil

The “Domestic Main Event“It will be played at and its final table will be moved to the Rio casino.

The “International Main Event“It will be played at and will move its final table to the King’s casino in Rozvadov.

On December 30, the champions of both tournaments will meet at the Rio, to determine the 2020 ME champion in heads-up, with an extra $ 1,000,000 at stake.

The mess of paperwork, PCRs, visas and quarantines that some of the finalists may suffer does not convince anyone. There have been numerous reactions to the contrary. We have chosen Sam greenwood as an example of the community’s clamor. “That the final table is played in a country where some players will not be able to travel is stupid.”

Making people play an online tournament where the FT might take place somewhere people aren’t allowed to travel instead of just playing the tourney out online is stupid.

– Sam Greenwood (@SamGreenwoodRIO) November 13, 2020

This official Main Event 2020-that-no-second-I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about-lady, in its international version, It started yesterday at GGPoker.

The doubts caused by the format have been felt in the field of day 1 at GGPoker, which has closed its registration in 246 players, weak foundation if it is intended to compete with the field of the September tournament (5,802 registrations) and unpromising if what is chosen as a reference is the prize pool ($ 2,460,000 to start, for the $ 27,559,500 of the phantom tournament ).

There was 62 survivors, with a logical Central European majority due to its proximity to King’s. Norwegian Prebben Stokkan, the High Roller Ilya anatsky and the New Zealand player Sosia Jiang, champion of the WPT Online Big Game and participant in the Triton million pound tournament, entered the top 10 of this day 1A.

We will return to the subject next Monday, with the classifieds of the rest of days 1 of

The screenshots of the structure and ranking of the ME International are taken from various Pokernews news stories.

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