The Bounty Builder Series say goodbye with a great title for deivid29 and the Main Events to be decided

By Ucatchers

On the last big day came the best Spanish result of the entire festival, with a victory valued at almost $ 100K. The grand prize of the ME can reach close to $ 400K.

They took, but the boards have behaved

They took, but the boards have behaved

The great festivals must be dismissed with a great blow of effect, and it has been “deivid29” who has provided the Red with a glorious triumph in the Bounty Builder Series 213 Sunday Cooldown, a brutal tournament that doubled its guarantee and put into play a purse of half a million dollars, a thousand for each of the 502 occurrences that were confirmed at the event ..

The Hispanic representation on had two very strong tricks in this tournament, since Sergio Aido “zcedrick” he also reached his first final table of the festival at the very last minute.

Aido’s stumble in 7th place ($ 8,347) left “deivid29” in a minority against the Dutch bloc formed by “Filipo83” and Joep van den Bijgaart “Pappe_Ruk”, and the other two exiles in the United Kingdom, the Greek Stavros Kalfas “IDOLLS” and the Austrian “chtrumfeinz”. The tournament was going to stay in the islands yes or yes from the table of three, and “deivid29” had to play the bounty of $ 60K against the worst rival, Kalfas.

The weight in the final prize was such that, despite such a figure, the reward was $ 1,300 from reaching the $ 100,000.

The player who opened the festival can in terms of Spanish honors, Miguel Seoane “¿toneecho ??”He did not want to say goodbye to it without trying his luck once more, and he was close to obtaining a second title.

Miguel was sixth in the BBS-192 530 $ 8-Max, a tournament that brought together 355 players on Saturday afternoon and won a prize of $ 6,336.

Since the Series were not going to show as much generosity with him as before, Seoane looked for the triumph in the regular lobby, reaching it on Saturday KO $ 215.

Once again, “chtrumfeinz” was pushed aside from the victory by a Spaniard, who also later had to beat Belarusian grinder Ilya Anatskiy “Leqenden” in heads-up. They are names that give an idea of ​​how loaded this field could be 209 players despite being a minor day on the agenda and a tournament outside of the festival.

Those factors were noticed in the award, which was $ 7,431.

We cannot leave Pokerstars without mentioning the Adrián Mateos final table at HRC Sunday HR $ 1,050, which does not obtain a better position in the chronicle because its protagonist was invited to close the table in 9th place ($ 5,835).

It should also be remembered that the two versions of the Main Event of the Bounty Builder Series are still in play ($ 55 and $ 530).

In the small tournament there are more than 1,000 players, but in the big one the field has already been reduced from the original 5,581 players to the last 385. You have to do a little scrolling in the list to find the best positioned Spanish, “wisopekeño!”, which is the 74th, but both he and “Palomo Buchón”, “zcedrick”, “tua133”, “Freixa ah!”, “PeroQMaloSoy” or “deivid29” are already planning a possible comeback that will bring them closer to the about $ 400,000 that the champion will collect.

In GGPoker, where the High Rollers always leave us a headline, we are going to polish a new podium of Juan Pardo, which returns under its jurisdiction.

It was on Sunday night, in the High Roller Blade Mulligan $ 5,250 (52 entries). Adrián Mateos was also in the game until the end, but he was the “bubble boy” of the tournament, in 7th position. Juan overtook him and played until there were only three players left. Laurynas Levinskas and Thomas Muhlöcker blocked the way to heads-up, and Juan had to settle for $ 41,035 for third place.

Today to finish this long and laborious chronicle of a good weekend for ours, we are going to stop by partypoker, where we lost another couple of final tables in “high stakes” tournaments.

Juan Pardo made profitable his registration in the High Roller Game of $ 5,020 thanks to a 9th place since he did not have to make buybacks, so his profits were close to five figures ($ 15,060).

The most admirable ROI of the session was, however, for David López Llácer, who was one of 517 players who invested at least $ 530 in signing up for the Big game and ended in 5th place with a prize of $ 11,519.

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