The best odds for Inter-Real Madrid

By Ucatchers

Real Madrid

Tonight, from 9:00 p.m., at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Inter and Real Madrid will face each other, in a match corresponding to matchday 4 of the Champions League.

The match is crucial for both teams, since a victory would bring them closer to the round of 16 and a defeat would condemn them to practically the last place in Group B, which is the tightest of all those that make up this group stage of the Liga de Champions.

If you have in mind to bet on Real Madrid or Inter, we present you the best odds that we have been able to find in the different bookmakers (in alphabetical order):

Betfair. For new users. Odds 70 for the victory of Inter and 100 for the victory of Real Madrid. Bonus bet: € 1. Plus welcome bonus of up to € 100.

Betfred. For new users. Odds 10 to bet on Inter, Real Madrid or the tie. Bonus bet: € 5. Minimum bet: € 10.

Betsson. For new users. Odds 50 to bet € 1 on the victory of Real Madrid.

Mondobets. For new users. Odds 30 (Inter), 40 (tie) and 35 (Real Madrid). Bonus bet: € 1. Minimum bet: € 10. Plus welcome bonus of up to € 200.

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