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The war to become the benchmark of the ‘battle royale’ rages even more. And it is that Fortnite has come out a very serious competitor. The emergence of Apex Legends in the market has been accompanied by a good sum of records. To show a button. The game reached 10 million users in just 72 hours … But it didn’t stop there: in its first two days, Apex Legends added no more and no less than 4 million views on Twitch. Figures within the reach of very few and that have been a revolution in the always competitive world of eSports.

But this new release continues to attract the attention of locals and strangers. The first update occurred just 10 days after its release. And it is that this free battle royale promoted by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment has already reached 25 million users in its first week of life, with 2,000,000 concurrent players.

Leading influencers and players have already given the go-ahead to this new product around the world. In Spain, prominent leaders of social networks and high-level players have already shown their interest in the game, This is the case of youtuber El Rubius and player Lolito Fernández. Two great references in the Spanish-speaking online world who have already supported Apex Legends through YouTube.


This dazzling rise to the highest levels of the market has no brake. Apex Legends developers have waited a few weeks after takeoff to gradually add improvements to the user interface, while issues regarding stability and performance have been resolved. Among other actions, the exploit that allowed inventory items to be duplicated has been improved and user connection incidents have been addressed. At the same time, the waiting time caused in cases of slow hard drives of some players has been addressed.

Likewise, another novelty is that changes have been made to a character, Bloodhund, who has had his Omniscient Eye ability reduced by one second, and to an object, the Arc Star, which will have a grenade indicator.

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Additionally, the problems that created some holes in the Kings Canyon area have been eliminated. Some data that makes a solid base to dispute the world leadership to eSports like Fortnite, that see how a very powerful competitor has emerged and that is adding followers day by day and with an increasing proportion.

Can Apex Legends unseat Fortnite from the world throne?

The repercussion obtained in the first weeks of life suggests that it is very possible that Apex Legends can unseat Fortnite from the world throne. The numbers achieved since its launch lead its predecessors to be optimistic for the nearest future. These forecasts are more than reasonable when comparing the pitches of the two games. Fortnite Battle Royale (from Epic Games) took 16 weeks to surpass 25 million users. As we discussed before, Apex Legends already achieved that same milestone in just 7 days … and its growth continues to be exponential.

Revealing, right? However, there are more details that magnify the legend of Apex Legends. FIFA18 is another of the “victims” that this eSports is leaving on the way. In fact, this game has already been unseated by Apex Legends in the maximum number of simultaneous players.

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To this is added that important world-class players have been transmitting their passion for this game and that many of them are already willing to compete in future tournaments. It is expected that, given the great reception received, there will be many teams, players, sponsors and organizers who want to promote a permanent and highly competitive calendar around this new global phenomenon.

That is, new changes are coming and online betting websites know it. They are already working on introducing the necessary changes to their websites to integrate this new product that is here to stay for a long time. Over time, the specific types of bets for this game and the tournaments in which you can bet will be specified. It is not ruled out, even, that the betting houses themselves propose promotions in which this game is the main protagonist, with the intention of directing these campaigns to this new audience, which are the millions of followers of this recent mass phenomenon called Apex Legends .

What will the emergence of Apex Legends mean in the online gambling sector?

The meteoric start of Apex Legends is the prelude to a tough and intense battle with Fortnite and other games that will continue for years. The first statistics confirm that the developers of Apex Legends have landed in a privileged position after their recent takeoff. Proof of this was the celebration of the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament. The result was a new record for the guys at Apex Legends, hitting the bombastic 8.28 million hour mark in a single day. Thus, the previous best record was ruined, which corresponded to Fortnite.

To continue with the comparisons, Fortnite grouped some 6.6 million hours viewed around the Summer Skirmish. The data is immensely revealing of the interest created, however, it is surpassed by Apex. This is another record in which the Epic Games title is surpassed by Apex Legends. This accumulation of numbers, records and statistics invite us to see a new panorama in the world of online gambling, in which the podium of most followed eSports is altered with the entry of Apex Legends.

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Is there a market to bet on Apex Legends?

Of course yes. The numbers and milestones reached at birth place Apex Legends in a very prominent position despite having very little on the market. The dates of the first major tournaments are expected to be announced shortly. It is also seen on the horizon that the amounts of the prize pools are overflowing and that many players are already training thoroughly to be in the next rankings of the best professionals in this eSport.

In fact, player signings by the world’s leading teams will be announced in the coming dates. Consequently, it is rumored that there will be busy months to come when it comes to player movements from one club to another. On the other hand, it is also expected that there will be new players who will come to the fore for being the first to master the keys to this product.

It is therefore a good opportunity for figures from emerging countries to emerge on the international competition circuit. The first tournaments will therefore be key to deciding who will be the great world leaders in the coming months and years.

This whole revolution will also cause a domino effect in the bookmakers. The first changes are taking place internally.

How to play Apex Legends

Apex Legends is available to you on the Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC consoles. The game is free. As if that weren’t enough, you don’t need to subscribe to play online.

Up to 60 players, divided into teams of three, can participate at the same time in this eSport. As in many games, it is necessary to study the characteristics of each character, since each and every one of them have their own identity traits. Additionally, there is the possibility of achieving cosmetic items through micropayments.

This title is very focused on team play. So one of the main tips that can already be given on tactics in Apex Legends is to stay close to the team. That will make players heal and be healed. Communication between the members of the game is, consequently, one of the best weapons to defeat opponents.

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Another defining feature of Apex Legends is the speed of the game. However, of course it is the players themselves who set the pace of the games. In fact, one of the goals of the Respawn developers is to offer the best playability among three-member squads. In this sense, it is intended that there are fewer members per map with the aforementioned objective of marking a good speed. This factor distinguishes Apex Legends from other titles in the same category.

Get a loot

The promoters of Apex Legends continue to take care of the details of the dissemination of the game to the maximum. With this in mind, they began gifting items to Twitch Prime subscribers in late February.

The aforementioned gift offers in this way the Omega Point for Pathfinder and 5 Apex Packs. These features are found on the following platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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