Tfue and the 100 Thives launch their NFT collections

By Ucatchers

Tfue announced the imminent release of the NFTfue King of Gaming Collection through a collaboration with the entertainment company Medium Rare. The NFT collection will be auctioned on OpenSea starting from April 8 at 1 a.m. Italian time. Tfue is the latest successful streamer to join a recent wave of content creators who explore the space of non-fungible tokens.

Tfue’s NFT collection includes gods short animated videos that have the streamer take on the role of a character in many of their favorite titles, including Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. The auction will start on 8 April and will end on 10, again at 1 am, Italian time. Who wants to try to win one of these very limited collectibles he will have to arm himself with the cryptocurrency Ethereum, the only one accepted for payments.

Introducing the NFTfue King of Gaming Collection – my own personal NFT series bringing me to life through special edition game characters! RT for your chance to win a Tfue NFT Bobblehead! Visit for more information about my NFTs and how to buy! #NFT

– Tfue (@TTfue) April 6, 2021

Tfue’s NFT collection includes the following:

King of Gaming Showdown 1-of-1 NFT Video
Fortnite NFT Video: Limited to 33 editions available at auction
Call of Duty NFT Video: Limited to 33 editions available at auction
Minecraft NFT Video: Limited to 33 editions available at auction
Fortnite Bobblehead: Limited to 100 pieces and available for purchase at 1 ETH
Call of Duty Bobblehead: limited edition of 100 and available for purchase at 1 ETH
Minecraft Bobblehead: Limited to 100 pieces and available to purchase for 1ETH

All users who manage to acquire one of the exclusive collectibles they will also receive a invitation to a private streaming game session with Tfue at a later date. Those who win one of the Bobblehead NFTs will also have a physical version shipped directly to their home. Whoever manages to win the “King of Gaming Showdown 1-of-1” token will get the biggest prize: the opportunity to date Tfue in Tampa, Florida, for a day of streaming, gaming, jet skis and more.

Tfue joins content creators such as Logan Paul who recently ventured into the cryptocurrency space with their non-fungible tokens. Also eSporting organizations did not want to be outdone, which is why the 100 Thieves joined the Sentinels in releasing one exclusive line of non-fungible tokens. The Los Angeles org’s unique digital items use blockchain to remain absolute exclusives for those who bought them.

The 100 Thieves NFT line includes eight unique pieces as part of the infinity collection of the organization’s clothing that will only be available for a limited time. The first four items will be auctioned for 24 hours starting April 6. The other four will be given away by raffle to fans of the 100 Thieves.

Digital items are available at / 100thieves and can be purchased through the Ethereum digital currency. Currently all four available NFTs have offers over 1.00 ETH. The current market places the base price of 1.00 ETH at about 2 thousand dollars. Like all other digital currencies, Ethereum’s value has fluctuated over time – it was worth less than $ 1 in 2015, but has skyrocketed since September 2020.

100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haagbroke explained why the company created the unique NFT line in a recent video. He, together with the organization vice president Jackson Dahl, stated that NFTs are a collector’s item like collectible cards. “We’re not going to try now and do something gigantic in the NFT world to make money,” Dahl said. “But we wanted to try something and see how our fans and the community would react“.

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