Tempra Esports: it’s goodbye to the European League

By Ucatchers

Tempra Esports leave the Rainbow Six Siege European competitive scene: the causes to be found in the difficult moment caused by Covid-19.

France and Europe: these are the two worlds in which Tempra Esports fought and challenged the best teams of Rainbow Six Siege. Two worlds to which the Italian-owned organization announced that he had to give up. Fourth in the French League Season 2, but above all third in the European League, the highest international competition, a result matured thanks to a series of performances that know of business and that had allowed the team to rise from the last position and even qualify for the European Major, then closed in fourth place. But it was the final of the qualifying tournament for the Six Invitational that made the news for them, the world of Rainbow Six Siege, then lost to the Mkers.

A profound disappointment, which had as its first consequence the release of all players on the roster in January. No renewal for them, but the idea that many had had was that the owners simply wanted to change the cards, changing the roster to do even better. There was even a rumor, later found to be unfounded, of the interest of the Tempra precisely for the all-Italian roster of the Mkers. In the end, the truth is another: Tempra Esports quit, at least temporarily, the European and French scene of Rainbow Six Siege. The causes range from the difficult moment that everyone, including org esports, is experiencing right now, obviously linked to the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Massimiliano Rossi and Francesco Caforio put their face to it, as always, among the owners of Tempra Esports through Dive Esports: The adventure with Tempra Esports was exciting, both for the pride we have felt for being the first Italian eSport team in a Major tournament and for all the emotions that our athletes have been able to give us in recent months, with the peak reached on the occasion of the miracle run with which the team earned the right to challenge BDS Esport, Team Empire and Virtus.Pro in the Six Major last November. “

However, Rossi and Caforio continue, this was not the primary objective of Tempra:Tempra was born with a very specific goal: to become the catalyst for the talent and ambitions of the Italian players, promoting Italian export and its values ​​in the world through participation in top-level international tournaments. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to the pandemic we are still experiencing today and what it entailed, and this situation of uncertainty and logistical difficulties led us to the painful choice of giving up our place in the next European League and in the French national league of Rainbow 6 Siege. ”

Beyond the sorrow, is this a definitive goodbye? At least for the moment it seems not: “The regret remains for having had to take this step because forced, in our small way and with all the respect due to those who have experienced far worse situations, by force majeure but I want to be optimistic and believe that this waiver will allow us to devote further attention to future projects and to think that everything we have faced in recent months has contributed to enriching the wealth of knowledge of those who have lived this experience, useful tools to face the challenges we will experience ”.

While waiting for the Six Invitational, which according to recent Ubisoft announcements will be held in May, we already know that in the next Europea League we will not have an Italian representative. Wishing the Tempra to return as soon as possible, we cannot but hypothesize a possible arrival in the Italian competitive scene to be even closer to the fans and the blue fans of Rainbow Six Siege.

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