Team WE ceases to lead after LPL Week 4

By Ucatchers

This Week 4 of the LPL has brought changes in the top positions of the competition. We also meet the end of Team WE’s winning streak after Week 3 of LPL. Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up still hold their loss score at 0. We also had a duel between two world champions, Fun Plus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming.

Edward Gaming is placed as the leader of the LPL in Week 4

A fairly quiet fourth week for Edward Gaming where he only had to face TT Esports. Edward Gaming had been showing good performances in the previous weeks and TT Esports achieved its first victory in the last match after losing 4 in a row.

Meiko, support of the Edward Gaming team. Image property of Edward Gaming.

The first map was close in the first bars of the meeting in which TT Esports seemed well planted on the rift of the summoner and raised good plays. The point that changed the game was the fight for the second dragon, after which Edward Gaming managed to lead the match until he won it.

The second match was very even in the first 25 minutes of play. Edward Gaming managed to take the neutral goals while TT Esports dominated the fights. Two good Edward Gaming fights led by Korean shooter Viper, gave his team the victory. With this 2-0 victory, Edward Gaming’s team remains in the first position.

Royal Never Give Up dethrones Team WE

Royal Never Give Up faced a very difficult week having to face Victory Five and Team WE. The week before Royal only had to face OMG, therefore they arrived very rested.

The match against Victory Five was as complicated as expected, reaching the third map after a second game in which Royal decided to try a somewhat strange composition. Third map to be decided by a brilliant performance from Xiaohu, Royal’s toplaner, with Akali. With this Royal would successfully pass the first of this week’s great challenges.

Result of map 3 of the match between Royal and Victory Five in week 4 of LPL. Image property of LPL English.

The match against Team WE would decide which of the two teams would remain undefeated after week 4 of LPL, along with Edward Gaming. The first map was dominated by Royal’s team knowing how to leave the rival shooter behind. With this strategy, Gala, Royal’s adc, felt very safe and became the MVP of the map. In the second map, Royal would dominate the rotations on the map from top to bottom. Team WE would be suffocated by map pressure and end up losing the match.

Fun Plus Phoenix wins over Invictus Gaming and shines again in the LPL

After a few weeks of improvement, the Fun Plus Phoenix team met the Invictus Gaming team in Week 4 of the LPL. Invictus needed the win to improve their bad start to competition, while Fun Plus wanted to keep the good feeling. The duel was also marked by the clash between two of the best toplaners in the world, Nuguri and TheShy.

The first map had 2 great protagonists, Bo and Crisp, jungle and support of Fun Plus Phoenix. Bo, the jungle rookie, would get a quadruple kill proving he deserved to belong to the ranks of Fun Plus Phoenix. While Crisp once again deluded the fans by demonstrating his great ability to rotate around the map and be a key piece in group fights. First match to be decided in 23 minutes with FPX victory.

The second map can be considered a repeat of the first. Bo put great pressure on the bottom of the map again, freeing Crisp to rotate around the summoner’s rift. Crisp would become the MVP of the match thanks to his good initiations in team fights. Fun Plus had no trouble beating Invictus Gaming and clinching a high spot on the leaderboard after Week 4 of LPL.

Image of the result between FPX and IG in week 4 of LPL. Image property of FPX_Esports.

Of the duel of the toplane little can be highlighted. Nuguri did not have starring roles in either map, but was superior to TheShy in the lines phase. Invictus’ toplaner was overshadowed by the good rotations of the rival and could not intervene in group fights.

Next week Fun Plus will have to face LNG and Top Esports. FPX will have to take advantage of TES’s poor form to maintain its good position. Invictus Gaming for its part will be seen against OMG and Royal Never Give Up.

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