Team Vitality breaks its curse and takes the European IEM Beijing

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - Team Vitality breaks its curse and takes the European IEM Beijing

Team Vitality has made an IEM Beijing to frame. It has been a long time since a Counter Strike tournament with such a level has been seen. High-flying encounters from the playoffs to a heart-stopping final That could fall for anyone but it was for Team Vitality that finally ended their curse in the finals.

The European IEM Beijing is for Team Vitality and also the place for the IEM Global Challenge that will close the calendar year of Counter Strike in style. Of course, if ZywOo is still in the same shape, Team Vitality is one of the favorites to win this competition.

Team Vitality and Natus Vincere moved from groups to lower bracket

The French team only saw the defeat to FaZe Clan in the group stage. A defeat that led them to qualify for the lower bracket against MAD Lions. So did Natus Vincere that after falling against Complexity beat Team Spirit to have a place in the knockout phase.

Vitality defeated Heroic and Complexity to reach the grand finale. While Natus Vincere had to do the same against Astralis and G2 Esports to break through. The finale was a completely different story. Two real beasts arrived at a match that promised to be memorable And, of course, the final lived up to the events.

Na´Vi started very strong with a resounding 2-0. Two maps in a row that seemed to decant the European IEM Beijing for the whole of S1mple. However, ZywOo still had a lot to say.

Team Vitality had to turn the final of the IEM Beijing around

After starting 5-16 on Nuke and 12-16 on Dust II, Team Vitality seemed to be kissing the canvas. He did manage to make the following three wonderful maps though: 16-6 at Overpass, 16-9 at Inferno and 16-8 at Mirage. S1mple was not enough against a toned ZywOo that ended with a total of 88 murders.

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