Team Queso is crowned champion of the CRL West

By Ucatchers

CRL West Champion Cheese Team

Team Queso just made history again in Spanish esports by coming out champions of the CRL (Clash Royale League) West. After beat SK Gaming In an exciting final, the cheeses will have a guaranteed place in the next World Cups, starting as clear favorites to win the title.

With this championship, the club founded and chaired by Alvaro845 further enlarges its history in the mobile games section. Without a doubt, he has become the best spanish team in this field, as they have always led the competitive SuperCell markers.

A CRL much more important than the tournament won in 2018

Even though this crown was raised by Team Queso a couple of years ago, the championship of 2020 is significantly more important than above. Unlike 2018, the This year’s CRL West brought together Europe, Latin America and North America so the prestige is even higher than before.

Beñat «BENIUU » Juarros, Pérez «Cuchii Cuu»Manel Rodríguez, Joan Pey “IAmJP” Rodríguez and Ruben «RUBEN»Garcia was the culprit for Team Queso’s victory. In addition, the work done by the Argentine manager Matias Flores «Eelke»Was spectacular throughout the entire tournament.

The competitive mobile game has a clear champion and it is Team Queso

If there is any team that can dominate almost all mobile games at the national level, it is Team Queso. In addition to Clash Royale, it has a good amount of equipment quite enviable in other mobile games like in Brawl Stars (even though your team is currently on hiatus) or PUBG Mobile.


One day less the Worlds, one day less for Wild Rift, one day less for the end of 2020, one day less for …

– Team Queso (@TeamQuesoGG) November 23, 2020

And it is likely that as the competitive season approaches, Cheese Club build a team with tons of potential for League of Legends: Wild Rift. The next Riot Games game will land in Europe in a few weeks and it is very possible that the competitive of this game will be very followed by many.

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