Team Nigma vs Alliance Dota 2 Prediction

By Ucatchers

Team Nigma vs Alliance (DPC DreamLeague – EU Div 1)
Pick: Team Nigma vs Alliance (Match Winner)
Share: @ 1.72 (Bet365)
Stake: 5/10
Date: Saturday April 24, 2021, 9:00 PM CET
Condition: Open

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Team Nigma vs Alliance

We are going with the simple win of Team Nigma vs Alliance, a quota that should be below 1.6. Nigma comes from busting Secret, and that is going to make the fees fluctuate a lot. Alliance comes from beating Liquid but suffering a lot, in fact the two maps that they won were traced back from a disastrous early on by Alliance.

In fact, Niko came out saying they made some lousy maps but they won and that’s what counts. Alliance should not have won the match 2-1 and what’s more, by level they deserved 0-2, but Niko put in an incredible car, basically as always.

As I’ve been saying for weeks Nigma comes to give more than one surprise. He trusted the new roster, and in how iLTW will adapt, Kuro will now be very confident in drafting with pure HC, as he already demonstrated against Team Secret.

Nigma can even take it by 2 to 0, it will be complicated yes, but by level right now Nigma can do that and more.

On the Alliance side, as has always happened, this team is a Niko-dependent. If the player doesn’t have enough space, map control, and a proper draft, they fail and these two teams know each other too well to let this happen. This would be the key to the game.

Alliance comes from falling first in the Major, and that was a hard blow for them. They showed in their personal profiles, the great disappointment that was and apologized to everyone for their disastrous level.

Here you can see Nigma!

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