Team Mces in the wake of Luna Rossa: the world of sailing approaches esports

By Ucatchers

The first Italian E-Sailing Pro Team is born. Just in a moment of great media interest for the world of sailing thanks to the triumphs of Red Moon, the Mces team decides to launch its new creature, with the aim of promote and develop the E-Sailing movement in Italy.

The export organization Mces has been active for eight months in Italy, with its Gaming Clubs, it is creating a network of physical centers that act as a union between real sport and virtual sport, helping traditional sports clubs to enter the universe of competitive video games. In parallel, with his Academy, he seeks and grows gaming talents competitive blue. In this facility now the world of sailing also enters, with the Mces team which, at the moment, has formed a team of 7 players with the aim of participating in all the stages valid for the E-Sailing World Championship, as well as the various Italian championships promoted by the Italian Sailing Federation.

“As a priority we intend to promote the game nationwide pushing other teams to invest in this sector, so as to be able to have a high-level championship. In the future we also intend to have a physical presence in sailing clubs interested in expanding into E-Sailing, providing them with our advice as we already do with sports clubs “, he declares Alessio Marvona, head of Esports of Mces Italia. A a forward-looking project, therefore, born under the suggestion of the parent company Mces France.

Thus was born the first Italian Pro Team of E-Sailing, and precisely in a moment of great media interest for the world of sailing thanks to the triumphs of Luna Rossa. The Virtual Regatta Manager is Nicolò Gatti (Nico-Sombrero), creator and developer of the largest and most active Italian E-Sailing Community, and former optimist and 470 racer for the Piombinese Sailing Center and the Marina di Carrara Nautical Club. The PRO-TEAM built by Mces Italia will instead be composed of: Filippo Lanfranchi (FLanfranchi), legend of international E-Sailing, 2-time world finalist, E-Sailing world champion in Bermuda in 2019 and very old Starista of the Viareggina Sailing Company; Rocco Guerra (Rock), rising star of E-Sailing, Italian 2020 champion at just 16 years old and already offshore sailor for LNI Manfredonia; Luca Coslovich (LucaCoslovich), just 16 years old, third in the Bermuda 2019 E-Sailing World Championship, winner of the “Thousand and One Sail”, and also a talent for real sailing with a third place in 2018 at the 420 World Championship under the colors of the Pjetas Nautical Company Julia; Francesco Pedrotti (Pedrito22), Italian E-Sailing champion 2019, federal sailing instructor of the optimist team of the Nautical Society Pjetas Julia; Alberto Carraro (Alby) voice and face of all the latest great events of Italian E-Sailing and globetrotting sailor between Italy, China and England; Giuseppe D’Amato (Peppe D’amato), third in E-Sailing at the SailGP finals and third at the “Mille e una vela”, as well as an instructor at the Circolo Vela Bari; and finally Davide D’Amato (Gin Tonic), like his brother Peppe ex 470 for the Circolo Vela Bari.

In short, a top-level team for a company that will have like primary objective is to promote and develop the E-Sailing movement in Italy, further strengthening the union between real sport and virtual sport. “We have to keep up with the times, and in a world as dynamic as that of Esports, things happen very quickly. Embrace the world of sailing, both real and virtual, it is for us a great opportunity for growth and a new challenge that we gladly welcome ”- he concludes Tommaso Maria Ricci, general manager of Mces Italia – “Sailing is a passion, almost a vocation, and we are sure that many, and especially future generations, will be able to love E-Sailing exactly as they love to go out to sea. It is appropriate to say, we are ready to sail towards new horizons ”.

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