Team Liquid aims to break the transfer market

By Ucatchers

Team Liquid transfers

Looking ahead to the next season of 2021, Team Liquid and North America in general aspire to invest millionaire amounts so that the level of LCS is higher. The main «mission» of the Americans will be to increase their prestige in the face of the 2021 World Cup and reach beyond the group stage as has happened in the last two years.

The results of Team Liquid, FlyQuest and above all, TSM in these world championships has caused the vast majority of competitive League of Legends fans to question how many NA teams can enter Worlds directly. That is why they will put the checkbook on the table to collect talent from different countries and thus raise their level considerably, and the first of them will be Team Liquid.

Alphari would be the star signing of Team Liquid

How stellar signing for the Americans, we would have the British Barney “Alphari” Morris who played last season in Origin and ended up being the best toplaner of the summer Split although his team finished last in the league. The main reason you can go is for the latter, although money is also very influential since your contract would oscillate around a million dollars.

The very young English player would be the main star of the North American team with Tactical, as they could become the new era of Europeans in North America as were Bjegrsen, Jensen or Zven when they landed on American soil a few years ago.

Millionaire contracts for the other members

Although the top lane will have a new face, the other lines will be occupied by the players who have already played last season but with a significant increase for them. On the one hand we will have Nicolaj «Jensen» Jensen, which like Alphari would have a contract of more than a million dollars.

Per @TravisGafford: @Jensen has signed a three-year, $ 4.2 million contract extension with @TeamLiquid that will see him remain the team’s starting mid laner.

News comes as Liquid looks to finalize deal with @Alphari on Nov. 16 and are looking for a new jungler.

– Jacob Wolf (@JacobWolf) October 27, 2020

On the other hand we would have botlane commanded by the young American Edward “Tactical” Ra as a shooter and with the world champion Jo «CoreJJ» Yong-in As support. Although his contract is not as high as the two mentioned, he is also they would earn quite a high amount with minimum six-figure salaries.

The jungle, Team Liquid’s only unknown

So, the only position where we still have doubts is the jungle since according to various sources, Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen would leave Team Liquid to probably compete again in a European team. The Vacancy in this position could be filled by another European superstar or an American promise, although the former is the more likely.

Shadow could travel to NA

Who knows, Jankos could be the next surprise in this transfer market in the US or some much younger European like Shad0w, after knowing several rumors about Elyoya’s arrival at MAD Lions and thus leaving the Italian jungle without a team. We can know all this for sure from November 16, which is when contracts end for many players.

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