Team Heretics gets fully into First Strike’s “main-event”

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - Team Heretics gets into it

Team Heretics becomes the only Spanish team qualified for the First Strike European Valorant. The heretics got their ticket to the first major continental competition to be held in Valorant. A competition for which teams such as G2 Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, Team Liquid and Sumn have already qualified.

The heretics are a team that recently joined Valorant with very clear ideas of being a reference just like they are in other shooters nationwide. A team captained by LoWel He has achieved his first major goal: to be among the greats at European level.

Team Heretics sweeps against Team Finest for a place in First Strike

Maybe say that Team Finest was poorly prepared is to discredit what Team Heretics has achieved. However, LVP’s own casters commented on it in the post game. The Israelites went to Ascent lost. The marker of the first map does not reflect enough the dominance of a Team Heretics became enormous in all aspects of the game. 13-3 in Ascent to make it 1-0 and move to the decisive map.

Bind would be the map that would give Team Heretics the definitive pass to the First Strike main event. If Ascent was a bad map for Team Finest, Bind didn’t fare better. The heretics were comfortable, seated and with clear ideas. A hard-working team from the grassroots that perfectly executes simple tactics. From the simplicity it is capable of destroying the rival and Team Finest saw it first hand on a second map where they endorsed a resounding 13-2.

Prodigy, Purple Cobras and nolpenki are the other qualifiers

The rest of the qualifiers of the second qualifier to First Strike are Prodigy, Purple Cobras and nolpenki. All passed with the same global score (2-1) against L´institut, need more DM and Enterprise Esports respectively.

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