TakiToRivers debuts its final table locker at SCOOP 2021

By Ucatchers

Jorge saved the day for ours in one of the turbo tournaments that dismiss the festival’s daily calendar. We were unlucky on 2 days.

At the last minute, but there is no SCOOP without Spanish

At the last minute, but there is no SCOOP without Spaniards

The final tables of Spring Championship of Online Poker Pokerstars.com does not get rid of the Spanish, although yesterday we had to wait three times over the horn of Jorge Ríos “TakiToRivers” to be able to continue showing off our own.

The day promised to be much more exciting. Many of our hopes were pinned on the resumption of the 2 days obtained by Adrian Mateos on Monday night, but the Madrilenian had a horrible day at the tables, and instead of gaining places, he even lost them. He also stumbled “KingKomeron“At SCOOP-39-M, so there were only one-day tournaments left to save my neck.

One round of events was 5-Card Omaha and another was 2-7 Triple Draw, so things were very, very complicated. Only the trump card of the daily turbo event remained, and that’s when “TakiToRivers” appeared.

Jorge signed up for the SCOOP 46-M 8-Max PKO Turbo $ 109 and did not let himself be overwhelmed by a field of 4,123 occurrences He finished at three in the morning facing two very complicated regs, Dominik Nitsche and the Romanian “pl @ ta0plomo”, who dominated the final table.

“TakiToRivers” finished fourth, with a prize of $ 13,335, and he let the two sharks bite each other until the German bent the knee and gave up the final bounty.

Tomorrow we will lack the excitement of following a Spaniard at the $ 25k final table, but we will have a good number of tenths invested in the loiteria of SCOOP 41-H and Pedro Ivars very well positioned on Super Tuesday.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 37-M 6-Max PKO 215 $: “bauruzito“(Brazil, $ 79,063) Field: 4,506 records.
  • SCOOP # 37-H 6-Max PKO $ 2,100: Joao SimaoINeedMassari“(Brazil, $ 140,652) Field: 403 records.
  • SCOOP # 39-H $ 1,050: “Lidikkkkk“(Russia, $ 64,881). Field: 352 records. Best Spanish:”Amadi_017“(35th, $ 2,312).
  • SCOOP # 46-H PKO Turbo 8-Max 1,050 $: Simon MattsonC. Darwin2“(Sweden, $ 74,465) Field: 461 records. Best Spanish:”Without Karma“(18th, $ 4,206).

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 41-H DeepStacks $ 1,050 (22 players out of 288): “Amadi_017“(8th),”gordon0410“(16th),”Malaka $ tyle“(17th) ..
  • SCOOP # 43-M Super tuesday $ 2,100 (50 players out of 402): “NutsInMacadá“(8th).

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