Tabcorp faces fine in NSW for encouraging illegal gambling

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Australian gaming operator Tabcorp was fined AU $ 30,000 in New South Wales for violating state gambling advertising laws.

The sanction was issued last week by the Downing Center Local Court in Sydney, where Tabcorp pleaded guilty to violating state advertising rules.

The gambling giant’s violations date back to December 2019, when several former Tabcorp clients received a game advertisement offering bonus bets of the operator on their Instagram accounts through Instagram stories.

Ladbrokes and Neds receive record fine in NSW for illegal ads case

Under New South Wales gambling law, locally licensed sports betting operators have forbidden to post ads that include incentives that encourage customers to participate or frequently participate in gambling activities.

Liquor & Gaming NSW, the state’s gambling watchdog, conducted investigations into the Instagram ad and discovered that Tabcorp ran an ad campaign on December 13 and 14 through Instagram stories targeting gamblers who had had accounts. with the gambling operator, but they had closed.

About 900 former Tabcorp customers from New South Wales received the announcement. Liquor & Gaming NSW found that the details of these bettors had been provided to Instagram’s parent company Facebook prior to the start of the ad campaign.

Inadvertent human error

After state regulators established his violations, Tabcorp was convicted and fined in Sydney’s Downing Center Local Court last Wednesday. The company pleaded guilty of violating the New South Wales gambling advertising codes.

Tabcorp also said in court that the data of the 900 people who had chosen to close their accounts with the operator were shared with Instagram due to a inadvertent human error.

In passing her judgment, Justice Erin Kennedy said last week that some of those 900 people may have opted to close their accounts due to a gambling problem and they should not have been exposed to advertisements urging them to participate in a gambling activity.

Justice Kennedy went on to say that Tabcorp had a history of violating state rules and regulations and that didn’t help. The company was ordered to pay more than 14,000 Australian dollars in fines and costs in the summer of 2019 for offering an illegal gambling incentive in the state.

Justice Kennedy further noted that the company’s conviction and fine should serve as a general deterrent, but also a specific deterrent to ensure that the major gambling operator complies with New South Wales laws.

Last week, Tabcorp received a fine of AU $ 18,000 and was also ordered to pay Australian dollars 12,276 in legal fees.

Tabcorp was not the only gambling operator to receive a fine in New South Wales in recent months. Earlier this year, Ladbrokes Australia and Neds received a record of 207,500 Australian dollars for offering incentives for gambling that violated state laws and regulations.

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