SwordArt signs for TSM and becomes the highest paid player in the LCS

By Ucatchers

SwordArt signed by TSM

TSM has wanted again to break the transfer market with the acquisition of world runner-up support Hu SwordArt Shuo-Chieh. The one who was Suning’s player confirmed the rumors that he was in North America and, of course, with a stratospheric salary.

Six-time regional champion. 2020 Worlds finalist. We’ve faced him on the rift before, but now it’s time for him to lead us to victory.

Welcome to TSM, SwordArt 🤝 (Pending Riot approval) pic.twitter.com/kQn1LcP8Rk

– TSM (@TSM) November 26, 2020

Team SoloMid will pay Taiwanese support the chilling amount of six million dollars in two years. That is, three million a year and to be more exact, 250 thousand dollars a month. Thus, he becomes the player highest paid in the West even ahead of the recent signing of Luka “Perkz” Perkovic by Cloud9.

SwordArt’s performances haven’t gone unnoticed by TSM

The step of the Taiwanese player in Suning has been quite remarkable throughout the past season. But it wasn’t until held in Shanghai when we saw it explode completely and showing a spectacular level against the best teams in the world.

On the other hand, TSM made one of the biggest ridiculous in the history of the World Cup finishing 0-6 and becoming the first team from the major regions to not win a game in a Worlds group stage. Americans had to get up from this setback by making drastic changes … And it seems like it is going to be but not in the way we think.

An LCS that doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes

This signing again corroborates lNorth America’s mistakes in its quest for World Cup success. its modus operandi has not changed at all and they still prefer spend a million instead of opting for new talents and promising young Americans.

But TSM has not been the only one; Team Liquid He has also pulled out his wallet to get the rights to Barney “Alphari” Morris after a very good season in the now defunct Origen brand. On the other hand we would also have Finn’s Finn Wiestål with CLG or the aforementioned signing of Perkz to Cloud 9, although this last team does things much better than the others.

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