SwordArt on Media Day: “I hope to teach people the strength of Suning”

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The show is about to come to an end. With just hours to go before the 2020 World Championship final begins, Riot Games has organized the Media day where all the media meet to ask their concerns both to some members of the company and to the protagonists of the final.

At other times, this event is held in person in the city where the Worlds are organized. However, due to the circumstances that the world is currently experiencing, the company that owns League of Legends has decided to organize this event online, thus avoiding any type of danger.

This is something that he wanted to make clear Nicolo Laurent, CEO at Riot Games. Laurent has thanked to the players and to the teams the efforts they have made to be there. Also to sponsors, which have helped grow the structure, as well as LoLEsports. He has added to them media, to the amateurs and, of course, to the city of Shanghai for not putting obstacles in the way of launching these Worlds 2020.

Laurent He has also spoken about the two teams finalists, Suning Y DAMWON Gaming. The CEO of Riot Games has praised how Suning arrived as the third seed of China and has passed all the teams in his own league to get where you are now. To this he added that they should not be nervous, but it would be the China’s first time winning at its own home, apart from being the third consecutive title for the LPL.

As to DAMWON Gaming, Nicolo has recalled that this is the opportunity to return lost glory to korea, recovering the title at once. LCK does not win a World Championship since 2017 with that SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy, also disputed in China. This is something he mentioned during his appearance, ending it with the words “no pressure.”

Many expectations for the final on Media Day

Suning’s squad at the end of Media Day / Image via: LoLEsports

If the last few years have been characterized by something, it is by lack of emotion in their endings. The year 2017 ended with a 3-0 in favor of Samsung Galaxy. What is true is that on that occasion there was some curiosity to see the fall of the Demon King, Lee Sang-Hyeok “Faker”. But 2018 Y 2019 were two consecutive years with a 3-0 in favor of the LPL team that left the public, at least, cold.

As for this year, there are many more expectations placed on this final. DAMWON Gaming arrives as the best team in Korea, that set that has not lost a best of five since spring. As to Suning, its history of overcoming. From 11th place in spring, to fourth place in summer and now to be in a finals finishing off the two teams that came in as LPL favorites.

About this he himself spoke Hu Shuo-Chieh «SwordArt», who admitted that their record has not been a matter of chance, but that all the defeats have made them improve. He also added that playing so much against LPL teams has helped them learn new techniques that will most likely help them when it comes to taking on Korean teams.

SwordArt himself added, when asked about how do you see the result of the final, who have beaten JD Gaming and TOP Esports, the other two favorites. The endorsement concluded that he hopes to teach the strength of Suning to the people.

Both sets have been mutually evaluated. So, Lee Jae-min «Zefa» believe the final will be a 3-1 in favor of the Koreans. The DAMWON Gaming coaching staff has also explained how they are training. They have confirmed that these days they are not playing too much, but are based on improving their mentality and reviewing VoDs from past series.

huanfeng in the middle dayhuanfeng, Suning shooter / Image via: LoLEsports

On the other hand, Kang Byung-ryul «Spark», Suning’s coach, has stated that they are playing very well and believes it will be a 3-1 for your team. The coaching staff has confirmed that they continue to train normally, playing SoloQ and analyzing the rival’s clashes on a daily basis. By only having to face one team, they will follow the strategy of these playoffs and organize different techniques based on how they play.

Who is ready to win his first international title after last year’s hit is Heo His «ShowMaker». The Korean media believes that, if they polish the mistakes of past matches, they have a 90% chance of winning the final. He has also acknowledged that he does not believe that the final audience affects his temperance, “that’s a thing of the past”, he has finished.

Whoever left a small message to ShowMaker on this Media Day has been Xiang Tao «Angel». The Chinese has affirmed that this World Cup has helped him to improve as a player and hopes that his rival will also select aggressive champions.

The members of both teams hope that the finals will be exciting and that they will entertain the spectators. Both teams will meet next Saturday, October 31 from 11:00 a.m. (CET). Of course, before the games start there will be an opening ceremony where we can enjoy performances by K / DA and Seraphine, among others.

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