SwordArt after beating Karsa: “I feel the pressure to win the final”

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Last Sunday the second semifinal that would put the last finalist of this World Championship 2020 on the board. In it the two remaining teams of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) faced each other, as if they were the Last Jedi. Two clubs from the same region fighting for the same fate, Summoner’s Cup. TOP Esports Y Suning, an encounter with a lot of background behind.

The first of them, TOP Esports , came with the aura of possible strongest team in the world. After all, this year has been two-time LPL finalist playing five games in both. In spring, the boys led by Luo Sheng «Crescent» they lost to JD Gaming for two maps to three. Although summer the final It was the same again, the scoreboard turned tables and it was the TOP Esports players who put the 3-2 in your favor.

Across from it was Suning, a covered team that many people came to consider overrated. Although their performance in the group stage was somewhat discreet, the playoffs have sparked your inner fire. In first round they won by three maps to one to JD Gaming and they hit the table. Already in the semifinalsAlthough they were far from being favorites, they knew how to play and adapt in such a way that they beat TOP Esports by another 3-1.

TOP Esports has a bright future ahead

JackeyLove, TOP Esports shooter during the series / Image via: LoLEsports

TOP Esports came with a clear favorite role, so has not met expectations of the fans. Although they had a very solid group stage, their playoffs left a sea of ​​doubts. First, in the quarters before Fnatic, where they had to come back from 2-0 to get to the next round.

Already in the semifinals, everything looked much more tied. Although Suning managed to put the 1-0 on the scoreboard, TOP Esports was not intimidated and tied the series. However, it seems that was his last trace of aggressiveness, since the rest of the maps were claimed for Suning’s side.

One of the figures that have been missed the most in these finals is that of Zhuo Ding «Knight». And this is not because he did not play, but because the considered center lane in best shape in the world It did not live up to expectations. This does not mean that his career is over, quite the contrary. The Chinese midlaner has only 20 years And, as he has confirmed, this World Championship has helped him grow as a player and improve for the following competitions.

Who was really affected by this defeat was Hung Hao-Hsuan “Karsa”. At the end of the meeting, the Taiwanese jungle could not contain his emotions and Broke in tears in a moment of sadness. And is that Karsa rowed and carried all his equipment on his back on the last map. But his efforts weren’t able to pull off a comeback. What he did finally achieve is to go this far in a World Championship, just like his friend SwordArt. When asked about support, Karsa acknowledged that it was a dream to have gotten there and that he hopes that SwordArt will become the new champion and make his dream come true.

Karsa at the end of the match / Image via: LoLEsports

Suning, from covered to a world final

Many people believed that this team would fall in the quarter-finals or even the group stage. But Suning Has got evolve alongside the most important tournament of the year. Their synergy has gone from not being completely complete to looking like they are a group that has been playing together all their lives.

And is that nobody favored this team. Own Tang Huan-Feng Huanfeng they recognized in the group stage that this tournament was going to be very complex and they did not expect to reach the final in their first year as a team. In the end, the opposite has happened. The Chinese player and his teammates have created their own metagame and with it they have managed to beat two direct rivals by three maps to one.

Suning huanfenghuanfeng, Suning shooter / Image via: LoLEsports

Expectations were placed on huanfeng himself. The player has had a complicated life and reach this point of being a professional in the World Championship finals It has not been easy. Therefore, the shooter believes that if they continue playing like this, as a family, they will be able to achieve much greater achievements for a long time. He is also very happy to have reached the aforementioned ending and believes that the match against Ghost is going to be a lot of fun because they both have a similar playstyle.

Another of the key players in this series has been Lê Quang Duy «SofM». The Vietnamese jungle has played a seamless series with champions who, it could be said, They shouldn’t be strong in the current meta. SofM explained that he chose Lee Sin because he knew he could run the team. In another order, Jarvan IV was chosen because he needed a champion who in the early game could support his teammates so that they could climb and win the game in the late game.

The farewell to Karsa and SwordArt / Image via: LoLEsports

But the eyes in the series were on Hu Shuo-Chieh «SwordArt» and his confrontation with Karsa. And it is that both were Teammates for a long time, so the friendship between them is something evident. At the end of the series, SwordArt hugged his old partner and acknowledged that he had a lot of mixed feelings. Only one of them could reach the finals. In the end, it was the support that did it. SwordArt himself admits that he is very excited and happy to have achieved such a feat, but he also has the pressure that he has to win yes or yes.

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