Superliga preview: An abyss between the applicants and the rest

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - Superliga Preview: A competition of different categories

As usual in this beginning of 2021 at Full Esports we bring you another preview, this time we bring you the Super League. The best national League of Legends league that he has abandoned the “Orange” that succeeded him in the name. And it is not the only one of the changes.

In this preview of the Super League that starts on January 18 with, predictably, a new graphic line and, most importantly, many new faces. Much rookie in a league that is said to have lowered the level but we will have to wait to see what the rookies do.

Vodafone Giants and G2 Arctic are the teams called to play in this Super League

The giants have had a busy market. Attila was about to leave the club and finally signed the renovation. Those who did leave were Pretty, Lamabear and Erdone. And to replace them they have signed Ronaldo, Eckas and Kamilius, closing a quintet that once again sets the goal of winning the Super League. They have also incorporated Jandro who arrives as head coach and will work side by side with Fearless.

Malagueños are always in the game in Superliga and this year will not be for less. It remains to be seen what dynamics this roster enters into if it resembles that of the Spring Split or Summer where they did not get the Super League title and the Iberian Cup almost escaped them.

That Iberian Cup was almost taken away by the guys from G2 Arctic. The wolves come hungry and, at least on paper in this Super League preview, we can say that they have a better quintet than in the previous year.

A team led by a Melzhet that has shown that it is capable of bringing out the best in each of its players. New faces like Koldo or Fresskowy, in principle, would provide that leap in quality that G2 Arctic lacked to overthrow the giants. Oscarinin and Supa are the best in their positions. Now better surrounded, perhaps, they can shine even more light and lead G2 Arctic to their first title in just their second year in the Super League.

Team Queso, Movistar Riders and Mad Lions: An abyss of difference

These teams shouldn’t have much trouble making the playoffs. However, they don’t seem to be able to sink their teeth into the two favorite glades that are one notch above.

Team Queso is the team that raises the most enthusiasm and expectation among the public. With a quintet full of Spaniards they have closed a good level squad. Although I don’t dare to say 100% in this Super League preview if they will do well throughout the season. It is a team that will depend a lot on the dynamics they have. Because if things go wrong they can easily fall into a bottomless pit.

The legendary is back Send0o will be surrounded by DaVys, Siler, JaVaa and Karakal. DaVys and Siler have already shown the ability to carry the team behind their backs. JaVaa had one of the best seasons of his career and it remains to be seen if alongside Karakal he is able to match the level he had with Rhuckz at Movistar Riders.

Movistar Riders, the current champion, has been completely renewed. After winning their first major League of Legends title, horsemen have changed everyone. Players like Maxlore and Kasing come to Spain who are old acquaintances from the general public as they have achieved a high level internationally. On the other hand, Rayito and Marky are two great unknowns in a quintet that is not there to fight for the title.

MAD Lions is the team that remains to comment on in this group within the Superliga preview. But not by commenting on the last of the playoff group does it mean that we see him clearly fifth. In fact, MAD Lions’ squad has taken a considerable leap in quality with the addition of Aesenar in support, Alexx in the jungle and Knighter. Jugla-miedio and Bottom Lane (Flakked-Aesenar) pairs can bring a lot of joy to lions.

UCAM and S2V: The fight for sixth place

The duel for sixth place, and consequently the move to the playoffs, is most likely disputed between UCAM and S2V. Both teams, on paper, are far from the rest but they are the best placed for that sixth place which is a complete unknown.

Placing one above the other is complicated if not impossible. Both UCAM and S2V have many similarities. Their bottom lanes are solid and experienced, but not powerful enough to take more than one game in their own right. They will bet on the whole and there the average level drops considerably.

Cream Real Betis, eMonkeyz and BCN Squad: The Russian roulette of relegation

The three weakest teams in the Superliga have many points in common: new quintets, inexperienced and low level. The last places are going to be a lottery. Although of the three teams, the one that shows the most hope is Cream Real Betis led by a Miniduke who made a great performance in his last appearance.

On the other hand, in eMonkeyz the new incorporations may surprise, but everything indicates that the squad has lowered the level compared to what we saw leading the Super League in a few weeks of the Spring Split. BCN Squad is the last in discord and quite possibly the last of the Superliga. Although like, in the case of the other two, the new ones could surprise and be decisive in the classification of a Super League but the difference with the other clubs, it is abysmal.

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