Suning to play World Cup final after defeating Top Esports

By Ucatchers

Suning defeats Top Esports

The second semi-final of these 2020 Worlds has coincided with the semi-final of the LPL Summer Split. In that match Top Esports was very solid and managed to defeat Suning 3-0. But in this World Cup many things had changed for both teams, so much so that there was no clear favorite in this series.

SwordArt, Suning player and Karsa, Top Esports player. Image property of Top Esports

The duel for the advantage in the series

The first map started in a very calm wayDespite this, Top Esports was able to lead on the dragons scoreboard, going 3-0. The game was very expensive for Top Esports, but an unfortunate play made Suning manage to steal the fourth dragon and along with a good fight become Baron Nashor. With the advantage in fights Suning managed to take the course of the game and thus obtain the victory in the first duel.

The second crash was very similar to the first, both teams decided to be cautious in the first bars of the game, with the difference that Suning was the team that obtained the first 3 dragons. After a long wait the action began, in this case Top Esports was far superior in the skirmishes. Karsa, a Top Esports jungler, managed to make up for the mistakes he had made in the first match and led his team to victory.

Suning dominates against Top Esports

In this World Cup, the best-of-5 duels become very tense on the third map and this time it was not going to be less. Suning found from very early stages the way to dominate the match, he decided to move all the resources to the upper area of ​​the map where Bin would get an advantage. On the other hand, Top Esports refocused its eyes on the dragons and allocated resources to the lower part of the map. But it was of little use to him against a team of Suning that with the passing of the minutes it would become unstoppable and would manage to destroy the rival nexus.

The fourth map of this series has been one of the most tense matches of the World Cup so far. Top Esports once again dominated over the dragons, but the one who was dominating over the summoner’s rift was Angel, Suning’s midlaner. The game lasted longer than the previous ones, but Suning was the clear dominator of the match. With a fight in the 40th minute, which put everyone on edge, the Lions team would be able to finish off the rival players and obtain a place in the World Cup final.

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