Suning and Invictus Gaming shine at the start of the LPL

By Ucatchers

FullEsports - Lap of the LPL 2021FullEsports - Lap of the LPL 2021Image property of LPLenglish.

This weekend, following Riot’s announcement, the top competition in the China region began. This year the LPL once again has 17 teams, which will meet for 10 weeks, from Monday to Sunday, to see who is the winner of the Spring Split. The highlight of this first week of the LPL has been the superiority of Suning and Invictus Gaming in their matches.

Suning once again demonstrated his potential against Top Esports

The match that opened the can in the competition was the reissue of the semifinal of the world past. The only change in the Suning set for this LPL is in the lower street, where ON took the place of the old support SwordArt after his departure to TSM. In Top Esports we found the same change, the new partner of JackieLove would be the young Zhuo, from the Team WE academy.

First game between Top Esports and Suning. Image property of LPLenglish.

The first map served as a contact point for both teams. Suning started with a lineup focused on climbing throughout the game, on the contrary Top Esports decided to select the strongest champions within patch 11.1, such as Pantheon and Samira. The match was resolved with a patient game from Suning, who knew how to wait for the moment when they were stronger to be able to take the first map.

In the second map we could see that Top Esports still did not find clear ideas at this start of the competition. Suning was again faithful to the style of the previous game, advocating a formation that would allow him to win if the game dragged on. In this second match the most prominent players were toplaner Bin and shooter Huanfeng, who led Suning’s team to victory.

Edward Gaming wins his first LPL game without ClearLove

This meeting between two organizations that seek to shine again in the Chinese competition ended, as many expected, on the third map. The first and second map of this meeting was a clash of ideas in which the team that was on the red side achieved, not only domination, but also victory.

With this we can focus our eyes on the third map. OMG started out as the dominating team in the match, but in the intervening minutes Edward Gaming’s team felt very comfortable in the match. With this EDG would get the long-awaited victory against an OMG that gave a lot of war.

Many hoped to see the return of ClearLove, EDG’s jungle, but he will have to wait at least until next Saturday where his team will face FPX.

Result of the meeting between Edward Gaming and OMG. Image property of LPLenglish.

Team WE gets a victory thanks to failures of its rival

Despite the result, the first series of the second day was more even than it seems. Rogue Warrios, currently in a generational change, faced a Team WE that little by little is establishing a good quintet.

In the first map you could see the nervousness of both groups, especially in the first bars. During the middle stages of the game Team WE managed to stabilize in the match and take advantage of a series of errors by Rogue Warriors, this helped them to achieve victory.

The second match started with a very successful Rogue Warriors who got a big lead in the opening bars. But a mistake when making the Baron Nashor led to the comeback of Team WE in the 23rd minute. Thanks to this move Team WE would be able to end the rival nexus and obtain a victory in their first match.

Result of the match between Team WE and Rogue Warriors. Image property of LPLenglish.

Invictus Gaming dominates JD Gaming in its LPL start

As with the opening match, this match generated great anticipation. In the ranks of JD Gaming the only change was the presence of Xiye, recent signing from LGD, in the center lane. On the other hand Invictus Gaming decided to give XUN a try, a player from the academy who has been promoted to the LPL team this year.

The first map showed us the true spirit of the LPL and Invictus. A duel marked by a crazy rhythm of play led to both Rookie as TheShy could make clear their great individual qualities, becoming once again the stars of Invictus in their first match. On the part of JD Gaming, many doubts and lack of conviction were noticed in many moments of the meeting.

Picks and bans phase of the first match between Invictus and JD Gaming. Image property of LPLenglish.

In the second map Invictus Gaming came out again with a composition quite similar to the previous one, where the individual ability of the players could lead them to victory. This time it would not only be Rookie and TheShy who would shine, but also the young debutante XUN. JD Gaming was overshadowed by the good play of their rivals and they tried to force goals, but as in the previous game the results were not as desired.

Invictus Gaming would take the victory and makes clear its intentions to govern in the LPL to the rest of the participants. At the other extreme, JD Gaming is going to have to focus its efforts on finding cohesion as a team.

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