Strip Poker


Hello, readers! Welcome to our article about a popular poker variation incredibly famous that is normally played in naughty contexts. Even though the main objective playing this game is far from getting money, it is good to know how to play Strip Poker well to have a good time with friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. A lot of good poker phrases are related to this variation.

What is Strip Poker?

Well, strip is one of the many poker variations that you can play in which people “pay” by taking their dress off. You will need to make a lot of effort if you want to keep a poker face during the game. In general, any poker variation can work for strip poker, Five card draw, Omaha, Hold’em, etc. The number of items of clothing can be fixed before starting the game.

Strip Poker Origins

This hot version of the game was born in New Orleans around the 1830s, when the popularity of the regular poker started to raise in the USA. Naturally, as in the beginning it was a kind of forbidden activity, at least to speak about it freely, we find the first written evidence of the term in 1916.

Strip Poker Aspects

This variation should be played in the middle of a relaxing atmosphere, so you should have at a hand pizza, hamburgers, or any food or beverage that combines well with the game. It is a better not to drink alcohol if possible to enjoy the game 100%.

Apart from that, you will need some extra non-conventional items to play, in the sense that it is not a normal variation of the game. Among others, those items include sense of humor, curtains to avoid neighbors to peep and, something essential, clean underwear.

Usually, players should state the rules before starting the game. Obviously, those rules we are talking about are not the poker rules but the special actions to take place during this particular game. For example, there are games in which personalized rules and special bonus are added to ensure having fun.

Strip Poker Variations

Even though there are not specific official rules or ways of playing, we can find at least three main ways to play it: quick strip poker, medium paced strip poker and slow strip poker.

  • quick strip poker

This is the most common variation, in which each player muct show their best 5 cards at the end of the hand. the winner should not take off any item of clothing while the others have to do it.  The first player to get full naked is the loser.

  • medium paced strip poker

In this variation, only the player with the worst hand should take off an item of clothing. The rest of the rules are the same as for the previous variation. Again, the first one to get naked is the loser.

  • slow strip poker

In this case, the game is played as in the regular version, including also chips to play. In that case, a player can bet an item of clothing if wants to continue in a hand.

Tips for the game

If you want to organize a strip poker game with friends, colleagues or partners, there are some tips to take into consideration to enjoy this game 100%.

  • Create a good atmosphere:  comfortable seats or cushions, low lights and relaxing music are essential for that. Also, players should forget about inhibitions.
  • Heated room: Keep in mid that many people tend to finish the game naked or almost naked, so prepare the room in a way it is not too cold but not too heat either.
  • Make it fun: The removal of clothing should be a funny part of the game. You can propose some variations to make it even funnier. For example, you can offer the winner to take off the item of clothing from the loser.
  • Wear nice underwear: Not only nice but also clean.

We hope you liked our article about strip poker, history and variations. If you are not too shy, you can try it with dear friends or even with total strangers. It is up to you.

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