String of punctures from Juan Pardo and Adrián Mateos at GGPoker

By Ucatchers

On Saturday, Malaka was 2nd in HRW 15 and 7th in HRW 16. And on Sunday, Amadi made 4 FTs, with 2 seconds and 2 quarters.

Juan Pardo [Foto: PokerNews]

Juan Pardo [Foto: PokerNews]

Juan Pardo Y Adrian Mateos they don’t stop clicking on GGPoker and we are very happy for them.

The Saturday, Juan Pardo he stayed one step away from glory in the HRW 15: NLHE High Roller $ 5.2k. The malagueño was 2nd ($ 119,269.76), after falling in the one-on-one final against the Swede Niklas Astedt ($ 156,496.63). The tournament had a field of 151 participants and a prize pool of $ 755k.

Juan also reached the final table of the HRW 16: NLHE High Roller 6Max $ 10.3. Stayed 7th and took a prize of $ 41,582.53. The victory went to the German Julian Stuer ($ 220,400.84). The tournament had a field of 93 entries and a pot of $ 930k.

Adrian Mateos completed the Spanish punctures on Saturday, with a 3rd place ($ 3,496.17) in the High Rollers Supersonic Bounty $ 525.

The Sunday started better for “Amadi“, Since it was 2nd at High Rollers Blade Opener $ 5.25k. The Madrilenian made a deal at the HU with the Swede Niklas Astedt, who ended up winning the tournament and taking home a prize of $ 73,124.74. Even so, Adrián got a higher remuneration: $ 78,755.78. The tournament had a field of 60 entries and a prize pool of $ 300k.

A very similar situation was repeated somewhat later, since Adrian it was again second, this time in the High Rollers Blade Mulligan $ 5.25k and he also won more than tournament winner Darren Elias. “Amadi” took $ 76,242.78 after the pact and Elias, $ 74,460.37.

And he still had time to do two other final tables. Mateos was 4th ($ 19,672.13) at Sunday High Roller Six Shooter $ 1.26k, $ 150k Gtd., Which Chris Klodnick won. And repeated post, the 4th ($ 4,393.89) in the High Rollers Sunday Cooldown $ 1.05k, $ 40k Gtd.

Juan Pardo it also played yesterday. It was 6th ($ 9,060.78) at High Rollers Main Event $ 1.05k.

On the other hand, we tell you how the other tournaments of the High Rollers Week.

The HRW 17: GGMasters High Rollers $ 1.05k, $ 1M Gtd. ended with the triumph of Finnish Samuel Vousden, who won an award from $ 183k. There were no Spaniards in the FT. Vousden scored a double, as he also won the High Rollers Blade Prime for $ 5.25k, earning a $ 99k prize.

The HRW 19: PLO $ 2.1k, $ 600k Gtd. was resolved with the triumph of Croatian “nanqtf” ($ 122k), after defeating the Cypriot “Dipatos7” ($ 90k). There were no Spaniards at the final table either.

And the HRW 20: NLHE Bounty $ 1.05k, $ 600k Gtd. ended in triumph for “Fantastik55”($ 162k), after beating Brazilian “digopapel” ($ 94k) in the HU.

We close the chronicle commenting that the Day 1 of the HRW 18: Super Million $ Main Event $ 10.3k, $ 5M Gtd. The tournament has had a field of 581 entries and a prize pool of $ 5.81m. The first 60 have entered prizes. Between the 9 survivors There is not no representative Spanish. Australian David Yan is the chip leader. Other sharks are also in the FT, such as Davidi Kitai, Niklas Astedt, Michael Watson or Eelis Parssinen. There are $ 726k on top.

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