Squeeze in Poker

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Greeting to all our readers and welcome to this new article about strategies for poker. In this opportunity we are going deep into one strategy that usually takes place during the pre-flop: Squeeze in poker. To tell you the truth, it is old-fashioned and not the best strategy, but it is interesting to know it and have it into your arsenal to make use of it in the right moment.

We are sure that you should know that strategy comes hand in hand with variation and the more movements you know the greater your chances to win. Most players decide to stop playing poker just for fun and start to learn how to win money playing poker.  So, read this article that in Wincatchers we prepared for you to improve your skills and become a poker professional player.


What is a Squeeze in Poker?

When we are playing poker, we call a squeeze play when a player sticks in a large raise or re-raise in pre-flop (something that usually happens in Texas Hold’em and Omaha) over top of an initial raiser, and that action is followed by one or more callers. In other words, it occurs if you raise or re-raise a pre-flop after another player called the raise.

Squeeze play Strategy

In general, we can say that there are two main reasons to use this technique. The first one, and more logical one, is to use it when you have a premium hand.  A player open-raises, then another calls behind him. The idea is to show up with a strong hand like KK or AA. The main plan here is to take advantage of the position and raising bigger out of position. 

The other possibility to that is making us of squeeze to take down the pot pre-flop when you do not have a very good hand and you think that you won’t probably win or just for bluffing. You can use it, for example when you have a hand that does not play well without position.

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Tips to use Squeeze in Poker

Let’s consider some aspects to make the best possible use of squeeze to become a professional poker player.

  • Your main goal is to force your opponents to fall and take down the pot pre-flop.
  • Squeeze goes hand in hand with position. The later, the better.
  • It is important to pay attention to the stack. Avoid using it when there are various short stacks, as they are more likely to pay.
  • Be aware of your look. The more serious you seem to be, the greater your chances of getting success.
  • Read your opponents. You must be aware of your opponent actions, the ones whos raise and raise and the pthers that play after you.
  • Do not abuse of this strategy. If  you use it very often you will surely lose credibility.
  • Use this technique only in games of big bets, like the version No-limit of Hold’em and Omaha with pot limit.

How to counteract Squeeze play

If you want to improve your level greatly, you should always consider how to react against any technique you learn, to know the proper actions to be taken in case of need. Taken into account that this amazing card game is based not only in having good cards but also in strategy and in studying your opponents, you should know that maybe they notice when you are making a slow play.

As you can do the same, counteract this technique could be really simple, as you can induce your opponents to make a slow play. It usually occurs when you have AA or KK, you are in one of the first positions and detect a very observant player. What you can do next is to get a reverse play, that is to say, instead of making a slow play when you should according to the strategy, you do not, and expect another player to do it.  This way you can cave your strategy hidden.

We hope you liked our article. In Wincatchers, we work hard to bring you the best information to help you to become a professional poker player. That is the reason you should know all the poker strategies to be the best.

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