Spring festivals give way to their final week

By Ucatchers

The Spanish players did not take advantage of Sunday as they are accustomed to us, but there are still the most interesting tournaments to play.

Little harvest for so many orchards (Peruallin)

Little harvest for so many orchards (Peruallin)

The second weekend of simultaneous development in the spring festivals of GGPoker, Pokerstars and partypoker It has left us with a rather poor balance, and with little sign of improvement in the two-day tournaments that remain to be completed.

At bad times, good face. Let’s rejoice that this laziness has entered this phase of the competition, when the main events are still ahead in each and every one of the lobbies. Right now, the priority of all the participants in the festivals is to succeed in one of the days 1 that are already announced or are even already being held for the most interesting tournaments.

  • SCOOP: Main Event in three levels ($ 3M, $ 5M and $ 5M).
  • Powerfest: Main Event in three levels ($ 50k, $ 250k, $ 1M).
  • GGSF: Main Event 10M $.

In GGPoker, for example, not only have they started to qualify people for the Main Event, but they have already reached the Final table of the $ 10,000,000 Super Million $, the largest guaranteed of the festival, next to the main event.

There will be no Spaniards to cheer on in the live broadcast, but at least it has left the best results of the weekend for our accounting, thanks to some generous prizes that started from a mini-box of $ 24,762. Up to 125 players secured that prize, and there were several members of the Red who were able to climb several more steps.

Pablo navarro he was the best classified of all, in 28th place. Payment 55,297$ and opens a list that is completed with Sergio Aido (39th, $ 47,089), “vivaegipto” (61st, $ 34,147) and Adrián Mateos (86th, $ 29,079).

Ex-champion Joakim andersson He will have more than 100bb to dominate the final table, which has two millionaire prizes prepared for the heads-up protagonists.

Pablo completed his efforts in the SuperMillion $ with a 2nd place ($ 12,845) in the Sunday High Rollers Bounty Special $ 840.

The new High Roller of the Navy is getting used to playing against the most dangerous players in the lobby, and in this tournament of 142 occurrences ended up fighting for the win against Linus loeliger.

At partypoker, the best result was once again a prize outside the final table, in this case for Vicent Boscá at the Powerfest # 15 – High Roller $ 5,200.

114 registrations allowed 20 places to be awarded, and “gordon0410” was 12th ($ 11,808)

Let’s close with the usual SCOOP summary, in which the effect of the two-day tournaments is most notable. Let’s see if tomorrow we have a triumphalist headline on the cover.

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 59-M 8-Max 55 $: BobDoan46“(Sweden, $ 51,880) Field: 14,661 records.
  • SCOOP # 59-H 8-Max $ 530: Alex Thelogis Pwndidi“(Greece, $ 100,685) Field: 1,809 records.

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 62-H PKO $ 530 (31 players out of 937): “But I am“(2nd).
  • SCOOP # 63-M 8-Max Sunday Warm-Up $ 215 (59 players out of 3,131): “i’m fat“(37º).
  • SCOOP # 64-M PKO $ 530 (132 players out of 3,835): “Without Karma“(106º).
  • SCOOP # 66-H PKO $ 1,050 (103 players out of 813): “NutsInMacadá“(20th),”t4t0PAGAU“(34º),”tua133“(52º),”Malaka $ tyle“(58º),”gordon0410“(69º),”EzPaTuLa“(93º).

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