Sportium will sponsor the VII AGEO Meeting for the Competitiveness of the Sector

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The game operator Sportium has been confirmed as a Silver sponsor for the 7th edition of AGEO, a meeting between companies in the gaming sector in Galicia in which it is sought that, by contrasting and sharing knowledge, information and ideas, it is possible to favor the gambling industry in the Galician autonomous community, also showing unity and harmony between companies.

Sportium Silver sponsor of AGEO

Sportium has come to occupy a prestigious place in the field of the game thanks in part to its sponsorships, collaborating with different sports clubs and even with entities as prestigious as La Liga de Fútbol.

Due to the problem that the world is facing on these dates, the event will be held via streaming and live on October 29, from the Puerta del Camino de Santiago hotel located in the city of Santiago de Compostela.

The situation of the gaming sector

In the VII AGEO Meeting, an agile and dynamic format will be sought, in which the opinions of different experts in the field will be heard. The meeting on this occasion will have a more relevant character due to the situation in which the economy is, and especially the gaming sector upon which various threats lurk.

The situation in which the gambling halls, casinos and physical betting spaces will be left, as well as the hospitality industry linked to them, is for the moment an unknown but the omens are quite pessimistic.

On a fiscal level, it does not seem that the sector is operating in a favorable environment either. On the one hand, there is the economic crisis that leads to greater fiscal pressure, on the other, the policies contrary to the interests of the gaming sector that have been applied for months and on the other, the limit to advertising that will presumably come into force this October .

Then there are the different municipal, regional or national laws, which represent another element to which operators must adapt to continue carrying out their commercial activity. The most relevant in this regard is the future Galician Gaming Law.

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