Sparks will soon welcome you to Legends Bay Casino

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The Legends Outlet Mall in Sparks, Nevada is the new location for Legends Bay Casino.

Construction was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since the restrictions were so severe, Olympia Gaming saw no point in continuing with their plan. Now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing in the state of Nevada, the company’s director of marketing and development, DeCourcy Graham, is ready to provide an update on the future project.

However, he said the company cannot comment on the progress of its future Legends Bay facility until March. He stated that the brand is still committed to establishing the future project despite difficult times.

He added: “The Project is an integral component of the Legends Outlet Mall and will be an attractive addition to the Sparks community. We hope to start working on the project. “

Business owners agree that the casino will be an integral part of the operation of Legends Outlets. Christa Leader, a clothing store owner in Legends, said she has known about the project since it was first proposed in 2008.

The plan took more than ten years of planning. In October last year, Olympia Gaming received approval to change its original plan from the outside of the Legends Bay Casino.

Leader expressed his opinion on the fact that a casino will reside close to his business. She said, “We already get that kind of traffic from Peppermilland the Grand Sierra Resort, so having something even closer definitely draws more people.”

More people is what the Leader business needs right now, and you’re not alone. A future casino will bring profits for the city.

Future openings

Although the year 2020 was difficult for the gaming industry, Legends Bay Casino is not the only ongoing project that is expected to materialize soon. After many delays, the owner of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas announced last week that the facility would open in March.

The project began in spring 2018 when JC Hospitality bought Hard Rock Las Vegas. The old facility was transformed into the recent Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

The renewal period took eight months And in August of last year, the facility was ready to open its doors in October or November. However, JC Hospitality President and CEO Richard “Boz” Bosworth announced that it was impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the industry and caused inclement market conditions and construction delays.

The opening date was set for January 2021, but a projection by the CDC and John Hopkins University of the next Covid-19 spike caused another delay.

Bosworth hopes there will be no delays and that the installation will finally open its doors in March.

Source: “Legends Bay Casino May Coming to Sparks Soon”, My News 4, February 17, 2021

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