Spaniards begin to hover around victory in’s Bounty Builder Series

By Ucatchers

This weekend the final tables arrived, including heads-up, but the can has not been opened yet with a week of competition to go.

Tua, in the past WSOP

Tua, in the past WSOP

tua133“, who had been showing an enviable state of form all week at the tournament tables in, was one elimination away from obtaining the first Spanish victory in this edition of the Bounty Builder Series.

The event took place on Saturday, in an edition $ 215 turbo, number 89 on the show.

Lander spent almost seven hours dominating a field of 567 players. The nickname that prevented the headline from being another more exhilarating was Russian “FrankTaylor3“, who had colluded with” tua133 “to rack up final table eliminations and put a huge heads-up bounty on the line. Lander won a total prize pool of $ 11,775.

The number of final tables for the Spanish in the Series tripled in just two sessions, because on Sunday Andrés González “wisopekeño!” picked up where Lijó had left off and began to climb positions among the group of 847 participants in the BBS-111 530 $.

Up to four players flew the Union Jack in this FT, but all were eliminated consecutively from seventh to fourth place. TO “wisopekeño!“He was given fifth place, but an excellent job on the bountys – third in this category – raised his prize to $ 15,845.

Andrés repeated position in HRC Fat Sunday $ 215, a recent addition to the hall’s tournament program.

It is a freezeout that starts from a guaranteed $ 70K, which was what the 345 registered in the tournament shared. With one more participant, the tournament would have had two five-figure prizes. The 5th place is listed on the $ 3,920.

Manu Bardón also exceeded $ 10,000 in prizes in a tournament.

He Bounty Builder 215 $ Sunday has many more flight hours than the new Fat Sunday. “manuverd0n” left the lean of the check ready when he reached heads-up, but he missed an important bonus tol fall defeated before the Romanian “tdr01“.

His final loot amounted to $ 13,316.

Not all shots hit the post. The elusive victory came in the worst endowed of all these tournaments, the Saturday scuffle, which initially presents a humble prize of $ 20,000 insured.

The 97 registrations were not enough to fatten the bag, and when “PeroQMaloSoy” passed the brush at the end of the service he had to charge it in bountys. He took more than 25% of the prizes, a total of $ 5,619.

At GGPoker you couldn’t miss the final table appearance of one of our High Rollers.

This sunday was Juan Pardo, who beat Steve O’Dwyer but lost to Timothy Nuter in the closing bars of the HR Blade Prime $ 5,250. Adrián MAteos was also part of the 55 records of the tournament, but did not get prizes.

Juan took $ 58,223 jplaying “for the glory” against Chicago, who approached $ 100K.

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