SoloQ Challenge raises the bar for MSI

By Ucatchers

The SoloQ Challenge face the last week with a very high level in which Flakked remains Leader and clear favorite to win the third edition of the tournament. The novelty or big change this week for the Only Q in general it has been the arrival of the best teams of the world to play the MSI in Reykjavik. Thus, the vast majority of games of players in the first positions can also be seen high-caliber players such as Canyon, Xiaohu or Perkz.

Flakked leads the SoloQ Challenge and with Javier close by

As expected, the current MAD Lions shooter continues to lead with the rank of Challenger and little more than 900 LP. Something quite curious is that he just advance your main account which is positioned more or less in those LPs. However, it has not been the only one to reach this rank since Antonio and Javier are the next two that they got During last week. Send0o He also managed to reach the maximum rank but a bad streak brought him down to Grandmaster again.

On the other hand, those who were the great leaders of the previous edition are much lower than expected, in which Siler is still in the rank of Master. Werlyb and DahVys he follows the track in the same division, although both players have not played as many games as the Spanish midlaner. As to surprises, we have ElOjoninja fifth with an incredibly fair game and Adryh with a very good winratio in sixth position.

A tournament finale with the best players in the world

The arrival of the asian teams have caused the European server further increase the level in the higher divisions. Therefore, the toxicity and attitude of the players has improved a lot and the mentality of the tournament competitors is becoming healthier and calmer than when they started. The motivation that are currently having Flakked, Antonio or Send0o facing stars like Canyon or Xiaohu they cause them to get their best level.

I just played with canyon (my father) and I asked him if my nest was good and he said no

– Koldo (@Koldo_LoL) April 29, 2021

The end of SoloQChallenge promises to be exciting, where could we see a last game determinant in which Javier it has to do with Showmaker or Antonio with Khan. What does seem certain is that we will have a new unprecedented winner in this SoloQChallenge since Siler is far behind and it is almost impossible for him to reach the rank and LPs of the first.

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