ShowMaker: “I feel good for having fulfilled DAMWON’s revenge on G2 Esports”

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The letters that one day were drawn already have a verdict. Last Saturday the semifinal that pitted DAMWON Gaming against G2 Esports. We already know the resolution, an overwhelming victory for the Koreans against the winner of the League of Legends European Championship by three maps to one.

Both teams arrived with different narratives. That of G2 Esports it was to get to a final for the second year in a row and finally bring the title to the Old Continent. On the other side was DAMWON Gaming who wanted to avenge the League of Legends Champions Korea for the last year’s results and the Gen. G’s defeat against Europeans. To this we must add that the DAMWON boys wanted, after three years, lead your region to a Worlds Grand Final. Something that, with a lot of effort, they have finally achieved.

G2 Esports loses, but offers a happy face

The guys from G2 Esports at the end of the match / Image via: LoLEsports

At the end of the match and, despite the defeat, the components of the team Carlos Rodríguez «Ocelote» They came out to face the microphones. Despite its defeat, the European squad showed a quite happy face for what they had suffered. The exception it was Rasmus Winther «Caps»whose countenance was sad from the start

Thus, although they lost resoundingly, the members of G2 Esports offered responses according to the character they have shown since they are together. Without going any further, his own Martin Nordahl Hansen “Wunder” used the Prototype: Versatility rune in his last two matches. The Dane admitted, laughing, that he could not say the reason for that choice since it was his secret weapon for the 2021 World Championship. The toplaner ended his turn by urging League of Legends players to try it on their SoloQ.

He also joked about the performance the support of the European team, Mihail Mehle «Mikyx». The Slovenian has played a tournament at a spectacular level. So much so, that experts in League of Legends place it in the top 2 of international support. However, his last performance has not been particularly brilliant, something that has influenced the team’s performance to some extent. Therefore, Mikyx joked that he would still have to go to the Turkish league and perhaps there he could offer a better performance.

Caps during the press conference / Image via: LoLEsports

But it wasn’t all smiling faces. Fabian Lohmann “GrabbZ” and Caps were the point of contention of the group. The coach acknowledged that the reason for losing is that DAMWON Gaming was a better team. Their fundamentals of the game are very solid and they have known how to draft in each and every game. Thus, Grabbz concluded by accepting that this DAMWON is much better than the one from years past.

Who did not mince words was Caps. The Dane confirmed something that many people did not want to see, Europe is still one step behind with respect to other regions and they showed it by not standing up to DAMWON. Finally, he hinted that ShowMaker made the odd mistake and is looking forward to seeing his performance against the midlaner he faces in the final.

The last to offer his opinion was Luka Perković «Perkz». The Croatian has not had his best competitive year, although he has nonetheless won two more LEC titles and reached a Worlds semi-finals. In response to what the region would need for League of Legends’ biggest international title at once, the shooter dropped after several laughs that a losers bracket would be a perfect idea. At the end of the day, Ocelote’s team has managed to win both seasons by reaching the final through that box of losers.

DAMWON Gaming, the first finalist

At the end of the G2 Esports conference, it was the turn of the protagonists of the journey, the guys from DAMWON Gaming. The team trained by Lee Jae-min «Zefa» It has been very solid since the start of the competition and it does not seem that they are going to lower their arms. Since the 2020 World Championship began, the Koreans have only awarded two maps, one against JD Gaming and one against G2 Esports.

DAMWON Gaming celebrationDAMWON Gaming after his victory / Image via: LoLEsports

For a long time, the DAMWON Gaming guys had the spine of G2 Esports nailed. And it is that the European team has finished with all the Koreans since last 2019. The previous season, this same DAMWON lost by three maps to one against the guys trained by GrabbZ. That is why many of the players were looking for a revenge about Europeans.

One of the figures to follow in this meeting was that of Heo His «ShowMaker». For a long time, the center lane has confessed that all he wanted was get revenge on G2 Esports for last year’s beating, as well as avenging his fellow Gen.G. At the end of the meeting, the Korean admitted that he felt very good for having served his purpose. Also talking about the mindset, ShowMaker talked about how G2 Esports plays with the mindset of their rivals, something for which they had to prepare a lot and that will help them heading into the finals.

The other person who always his expression changed when the Ocelote team was named was Jang Ha-gwon “Nuguri”. On this occasion, the player showed a smiling face, the illusion of the winner. For Nuguri, one of the keys that this DAMWON Gaming is working so well is the great work of the coaching staff. He also confirms that he is proud to have reached the final and that it is a positive for both LCK and DAMWON Gaming.

DAMWON Gaming ShowmakerShowMaker during the series / Image via: LoLEsports

Ultimately, one of the most notable figures of this template is in the jungle. Kim Geon-bu «Canyon» He has led the team since the start of the tournament delivering very strong performances with two notable champions, Graves and Nidalee. In the final, the Korean will face Le Quang Duy «SofM», who has said that it will be quite difficult to face. It is also worth noting that it will be the first time in six years that Korea will face China in a final, something that Canyon did not know. However, the jungle has made it clear that he will give his best in this latest match and will fight to lift and win the Summoner’s Cup for Korea.

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