Short Handed Poker

By Ucatchers

Hello to all our readers and welcome to our poker section. It’s time now to speak of one interesting variation in reference to this beautiful card game: Short Handed Poker, one of the favourite poker variations of many players. So, let’s see what is it about, rules and strategies to follow when playing short handed in order to help you to understand it better.

What is a Short Handed Poker?

Short Handed is a poker table variation that accept a max number of 6 players, so this is the main difference in comparison with other versions. This variation has become very popular among players and lots of people start playing short handed.

Keep in mind, that you can also find other variations, such as Full Ring, that allows up to 9 or 10 players and Heads up, that provide a one to one competition. This last variation is a very good option for players that love playing lots of hands.

How to Play in Short Handed Tables

It’s interesting to notice when playing poker that the amount of opponents is crucial in the strategy you should develop to win. For this reason, there are two main aspects that you should take into account before choosing your way of playing.

Number of Hands to Play

In general, in Short handed tables the number of hands to play is higher than in Full Ring. Apart from that, players in Short Handed tend to accept one third of the bets, which is a really significant number, as in Full Ring the percentage of bets taken is less hat one fifth.      

Play More Aggressive Hands

The less the players the more the aggressive are the hands in pre-flop as well as in post-flop. You must consider this, especially when you are facing a passive opponent.


<h3>Short Handed Tips</h3>

<p>In order to become an expert in matters of Short Handed Poker tables, you should take the following tips into consideration, as they can be really useful in your preparation to become a professional player. Remember that keeping a<a href= poker face will be essential.   

Be More Participative

In reference to Short-Handed Poker, your participation in hands should raise in comparison with the usual ones. Experts recommend to open more hands even with suited connectors and pairs, so consider it during the pre-flop. 

Chech your opponents

If you need it, you can even take notes of your opponents’ gameplay. You need to know as much as possible about them to increase your chances of succeeding in the play. Pay attention also to their non-verbal communication so can find there some extra information as weel as some poker phrases that can give you some idea about them.


Bluffing is essential in poker, so you should master this amazing technique and learn when it’s a proper time to use it.  Bear in mind that it’s a good option to mix your bluffs with regular plays. Use it wisely, without abusing of it, to keep increasing your bankroll.


Managing your bankroll is esential for your play, as you can make better decisions taking into account your limits ans posibilities. As fluctuations are usual when you have to make or face a more aggressive play, you need to be prepared for that.

The importance of Position

Remember that in poker position is always important and you should adapt your gameplay to the situation. As we stated before, the max number of positions in Short handed is equal to 6: UTG, Hijack, CO, Dealer, SB and BB, so you need to consider this to develop a correct strategy.  


If you want to be a professional poker player, you must understand that study is an esential part of that. Remember that knowledge is power, so the more you learn the greater of chances of succeeding. Experts state that a player should spend at least 20% of his or her poker time reading and learning about poker. Let’s consider some possibilities you have to do this. 

  • Poker software
  • Poker schools
  • Poker forums
  • Poker Yotube videos
  • Poker magazines and books

All in all, to finally succeed in shorthanded poker, you need to consider all the aspect related to the information and tutorials we provided you in the article. We hope you liked it and continue reading moree and more about the best strategies to follow to win in this fantastic card game.

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