Seth “Scump” Abner is Oakley’s first testimonial player

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Some of the most recognizable traditional sportsmen in the world wear Oakley. Now the American sunglass brand may add all-star Seth “Scump” Abner of the Call of Duty League to his list of testimonials alongside other athletes such as Patrick Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Erika Hara and others. Abner, who currently plays for OpTic Chicago, is now the first ever esports athlete to sign with the iconic sunglass maker. Abner will rely on on the first Oakley eyewear solution developed specifically for gamers: the Prizm Gaming Lens.

“Why Oakley? The name speaks for itself. When you hear the word Oakley, you think of a very prestigious brand in the eyewear industry, ”said Abner. “I watch a lot of sports. I see Oakley everywhere. My favorite sport to watch is baseball and you see those players wearing them every day. Oakley is simply an extraordinary brand, very cool and also very trendy. The name speaks for itself ”. Oakley is deeply rooted in the traditional sports space but sees the eSport like another competitive space in which the players “share the pursuit of progress, giving them everything they have”. Abner holds that vision because he had to overcome various vision problems to become the player he is today.

“I am missing several diopters. Having glasses that help me see and are comfortable are the two most important things I need when I work“Said Abner. “Playing at the highest level, I have to be able to see everything and react to everything perfectly without any discomfort. You do not want worry about in-game things due to out-of-game things. These Oakleys are more or less a part of me now. Abner, who he used to wear contact lenses which often caused him to itch due to severe allergies, now he says wears glasses again. The prescription lenses with a blue light blocking agent (the most tiring color that monitors emit) have helped him tremendously.

“I used to wear contact lenses but now I only wear glasses“Said Abner. “So, again, it’s really important and amazing that I’ve found a pair that I really like and that it helps with my eyestrain. It is equally interesting that the brand is Oakley ”. Despite the ailments related to allergies and vision, Abner managed to dominate the Call of Duty esports scene. In fact, the two-time Major League Gaming Gold Medalist who was honored as “Best Console Player” at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards is often referred to as The King.

“I’ve been wearing their product for probably two months now,” Abner said. “The mount fits my headphones perfectly and so I no longer have tension on the top of my ears, which after eight hours you can imagine how much it would hurt. I have had no problems with these glasses so far, they are really comfortable and easy to wear while I play. However, it wasn’t just Abner’s skill in playing Call of Duty which prompted Oakley to contact him for this partnership, but also his philanthropic efforts. Abner has become a “global ambassador for esports” by interacting with his fans and followers through various forms of content creation. He has also participated in charitable initiatives and recently took part in a philanthropic campaign to honor those battling Covid-19.

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