Sergi Reixach, fourth in the WPT SHR Championships for $ 374K. Addamo wins

By Ucatchers

The final gave a lot of itself. Charlotte Godwin came in 3rd from a $ 109 satellite and Haxton agreed to the second prize upgrade.

Charlie stole flashes from the High Rollers.  may

Charlie stole flashes from the High Rollers. may

To tell everything that happened around the final table of the WPT Super High Roller 102K $ Partypoker Championships we are going to need space and time, so we started without much thought. 40 entries, seven finalists, six prizes, $ 229K minimum cash and $ 1.5M on top Go!

The FT started in the middle of the bubble. It was a tremendously special moment for one person in particular. Charlotte godwin – “My name is Charlie”, he said in an interview at the Battle of Malta – was the unexpected visit to the feast of poker superstars.

His relationship with poker began when She started working as a waitress when she was 20 years old in one of the London casinos, your natal city. From serving the tables, a growing interest in poker was born. This passion manifested itself in two different ways. He began to play, learning from the movements of the customers he saw sitting at the tables he served, and he also brought out his entrepreneurial streak.

Mounted a massage service to attend the poker room, and began to frequent the online satellites for live events, which allowed him to start visiting other casinos and integrate into the circuit. A couple of years ago he decided to stop working and devote himself heart and soul to poker. For this particular tournament he started by buying a satellite ticket for $ 109.

Charlie had a lot of people watching his short stack in the bubble. Common friends of her and her partner, party poker director Tom Waters. It was all or nothing to her. Charlie waited patiently for the first few orbits, to see if some sexy move from the High Rollers that didn’t give the miniature as much appreciation as she claimed a victim.

There were movements. Sergi Reixach took the lead in the tournament, but failed to eliminate anyone. Charlie was running out of margin. Garbage had to be flushed on BB with 6 blinds behind. In the SB he got an all-in hand, givesdk, with which he pushed the opening of 25,000 Vogelsan points. The all-in was just 66,000 extra points, but Loelliger folded an ace on BB. The flop came s6 and the drama went up a few integers. He AC the river was made wait, as would happen in a movie.

The miracle was completed in the next hand. Sergi opened givescq Y Daniel Dvoress was loaded, who wanted to re-steal with 12bb and dqDJ. The British had insured $ 229,000, and continued to play and improve that prize until finishing in a highly celebrated third place. “This is just what poker is about,” Kahle Burns commented on Twitter.

Seeing @charlie_godwin rivering an A when all in on the bubble of the 102K Super High Roller after qualifying for $ 109. Then going onto come 3rd for $ 620K is what Poker is all about. Congrats to her what a great story.

– Kahle Burns (@ROFLshove) September 24, 2020

Godwin wasn’t going to change his mind, as each prize jump his ROI increased by a zillion thousand percent. Linus Loeliger was there. They both waited for hands in the 100% call range to pushes in steal positions, and both folded on several occasions. In the end there was a setup and Vogelsang stamped checkers against the kings of Ike Haxton, giving them the reason.

This impasse was used by Michael Addamo to start winning the tournament. He took the lead and opened a significant gap with Sergi, whose stack was shrinking in proportion. The Spanish took out chips to maintain the second place temporarily winning a flip and kicking “LLinusLLove” out of the tournament. However, the resistance was temporary.

Haxton was the most immediate danger to Sergi. Opened he hash4 against the blind of the American, who 3betted ACsk. Our player went to the 4-bet bluff board and the ace suited fit him. Haxton called with his entire stack, minus 2.5bb with which, for the first time, he barely covered Sergi. Hence Dempsey’s surprise at the end of the video. The number of hearts and fours was zero until the river, a h9.

How’s it feel to make an extra $ 250K just by folding

Charlie Godwin does just that going up to 3rd place when Sergi Reixach and Isaac Haxton collide on @partypoker

Watch @FoieGrasAddict reaction at this incredible hand. #WPTWOC

– World Poker Tour (@WPT) September 24, 2020

Addamo and Haxton were eager to discuss their issues, but Godwin I was still there, with an eighth of the stack of the majors. The Australian covered the record by paying a push from the British with an ace, which no matter how badly he was with a 6, still dominated Godwin’s.

Haxton and Addamo soon reached a agreement to distribute the money of the first two prizes. There was a bit left for the champion, $ 30,000, but there was a whole WPT title at stake. The two stars fought it fiercely, starting from an effective 100bb stack and entertaining the crowd for several levels. Addamo ended up prevailing, for the glory.

  1. Michael Addamo $ 1,284,114 *
  2. Isaac Haxton $ 1,216,286 *
  3. Charlie Godwin $ 620,000
  4. Sergi Reixach $ 374,000
  5. Linus Loeliger $ 276,000
  6. Christoph Vogelsang $ 229,600
  7. Daniel Dvoress $ 0

A more than worthy end to several months of intense festival with which the World Poker Tour has wanted to remain present on the circuit despite the pandemic.

Without a doubt, they have succeeded.

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