Seeking Courage in European Masters

By Ucatchers

European Masters

We are already in the middle of the group stage of the European Masters, the competition that brings together the best teams from the regional leagues and faces them in a group and playoff format for a month. In a normal year, this League of Legends event is pretty much matched by the MSI, but the latter has been canceled.

As representation of Spain, there are still two teams, Vodafone Giants and Movistar Riders, current champion and runner-up of the Superliga Orange.

Given that the odds for this competition are being very limited, we will look for value in teams that we believe are candidates to win the competition, but the bookies will not consider it that way in their tightest matches.

Team GamerLegion and AGO Rogue are two of our favorites at the European Masters

We start with our favorites being the most covered, Team GamerLegion. The Germans reach this group stage through play-in. This is very interesting when it comes to facing other teams that have already qualified for the final phase. In this team, we find as a known name Hjarnan, which was in the current European champion, G2 Esports. They are a team with few known names but with a very compact and balanced game.

They have great solo-lane talent and an experienced botlane, play a fairly quiet early and focus on breaking the game in the midgame.

Currently, due to the way they play, their passivity in the moments of greatest weakness and their proactivity in their strengths, they can be a great covered team that reaches the playoffs and advances rounds.

On the other hand, I’m going to focus on AGO Rogue. We are not discovering the gunpowder, but his fall in the group of Vodafone Giants and LDLC makes his options to the title are compromised and therefore, juicier odds.

Rogue is a team that fits the bill. Perhaps with a better bottom line, he would be a clear contender for the European Masters title. The connection Szygenda-Zanzarah from Origin and the talent of Czekolad they are enough arguments to trust them.

Besides the experience, not skill, of Woolite and its support Mystiques, give a team of many guarantees. If they make it out of the groups, they will be a very dangerous team in the best-of-five phase and a great candidate for the title.

AGO is one of the favorites for the European MastersZanzarah, Jungle of the AGO Rogue team, faces her first European Masters with the Polish team.

So far our two possible candidates, which these days will throw up valuable quotas and will be a perfect dog where to invest our money.

Other markets to exploit in European Masters

While waiting for the bookies to be more generous with the playoff phase, we will do another article about it, I suggest other interesting markets:

  • The handicap of kills in favor in the German teams (Schalke, Mousesports and Team GamerLegion) is always a good option.
  • The French team of GamersOrigin, despite the great game he is playing, he usually yield the first blood and start losing.
  • If we refer to objectives, there is something that occurs in practically all games, no matter how disparate the teams are, which sometimes also yields interesting odds, the Over 4.5 dragons and Under 12.5 towers markets.
  • And finally, a more risky market that is taking place in this competition, but that always tends to yield a fairly high quota is the More than 1.5 barons in game.

With these tips, we are sure that you will be able to make the most of the European Masters and enjoy it equally. See you in the final phase of the tournament!

You can check all the competition schedules as well as watch the games live through the following link.

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