Seeking Courage in European Masters (II)

By Ucatchers

With the group stage of the European Masters finished and fully into the playoffs, let’s review the original article and how it has developed. In national representation, we have Movistar Riders, who is measured at Fnatic rising this Wednesday, in the quarterfinals.

GamerLegion and AGO Rogue, our European Masters favorites with courage, gave very different results

Regarding our covered hopefuls to the tournament, AGO Rogue is already in the semifinals after beating Mousesports in the quarterfinals. On the other hand, GamerLegion he threw everything away on his last day of groups losing all his matches and the tiebreaker.

AGO Rogue took the victory against mousesports.Aug Rogue smashed Mousesports 2-0 and has been planted in the semifinals as an underdog (Odd @ 3.00 to match winner vs Mousesports).

The kills handicap in German teams has been fulfilled in a higher percentage except for the last day of GamerLegion. GamersOrigin He controlled his early game better and of his last three games he only gave first blood to BT Excel.

Bookies take action with certain markets

The bookies have withdrawn the markets of ‘More of and Less of’ in the Dragons, Towers and Barons mode, leaving only the possibility of betting on who will do these goals first.

He dragon market It has been done quite well in the group stage, not like the playoffs today. He Torres market On the last day he was surpassed in many games, in the playoffs he stabilizes.

A note about the tower market and the dragon market in its modality of ‘More than and Less than’ is that has been withdrawn in this competition in the main bookies. The same for the Barones market, which worked well in groups, in the playoffs because they have been highly favored games, no.

Once we have reviewed what we have in competition, we are going to put our eyes on the horizon and see what we can scratch.

The strongest teams in this final stretch

With AGO Rogue in the semifinals alongside LDLC, we have four teams left: Fnatic, Movistar Riders, K1CK and GamersOrigin. In my opinion, the strongest thing left in the competition is Movistar Riders along with those already classified to the semifinals.

We believe that Movistar Riders could beat Fnatic Rising in their match. In the other tie, we think that K1CK comes undervalued after the group that has passed, highly recommended.

We believe that in both heats, the option of More than 2.5 maps it is very well paid above quota two and we do not believe that any of them are easy or too off the mark.

Already getting into the final phase of the tournament, we think we will have a very intense semifinals where we hope that our ‘covered’ AGO Rogue you can, at least, get into the grand finale.

As secondary markets, the bookies, we do not know why, they have left us with hardly any space to move. Even so, due to the ways the teams play, we are going to leave a few quotas that we find interesting for the first map.

  • Fnatic Rising – Movistar Riders: MRS first dragon at 1.83 quota and MRS destroys the first inhibitor at 2.00.
  • K1CK – GamersOrigin: K1CK will kill the first Baron at 2.25 odds and K1CK destroys the first inhibitor at 2.37.

See you in the final phase of the European Masters to be decided this weekend!

You can check all the competition schedules as well as watch the games live through the following link.

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