Scratch Cards

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Greetings to all Wincatchers readers! Welcome to our new article related to online gambling. In this opportunity we are going to talk about something really special, a type of game that has lots and lots of adepts all over the world: scratch cards.

Surely, most of us have seen this cards on shops and other different public places and could not resist the temptation to try our luck. With only one coin or a similar object we can unveil our fortune. For this reason, an online version of this game is very attractive for people. Let’s know more about scratch cards and hot to play them on online casinos.

What are Scratch cards?

The first thing to say about them is that scratch cards are simple instant games. Usually, they are presented as square-shaped cards with a grid-like format of different hidden symbols. In most of the cases, scratch card games present a 3 x 3 grid, but it is not the rule. Currently, you can find multiple grid formations on these addictive games.

How to play scratch cards?

Regarding online casinos, scratch cards are in the shadows if you want to compare them with roulette, poker or slots. However, this game has an impressive number of fans. The main reason for that is that scratch cards are really simple to play and you do not need any kind of strategy to be successful, maybe some good luck. You only have to follow these steps:

  1. choose the amount of your bet
  2. select and buy a new card
  3. scratch it with your mouse
  4. hopefully, you win

To win on scratch games is simple, you only have to match the required number of symbols, as it is usally indicated on the face of the scratch card ticket associated to the correspondent reward. In general, players are required to match 3 symbols to have access to payouts, but there are different variations.

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You need to find a series of equal numbers or objects to win. In most of the cases, getting a series of three is the goal, but there are also other variations in which you should find a series or four or even five. Game conditions depend on the casino, so it is better for you to read before playing.

The most important advantage of this type of game is its simplicity. You are not expected to know tons of rules or follow complicated strategies to win. Games are very intuitive and easy to play.

That is the reason why most players choose them. They are just looking for fun. Scratch cards follow a similar pattern to slots machines, however, rarely they are included in bonus or promotions.

Which scratch cards have the best odds?

The odds variation on scratch cards are closely related to the variation you choose. As you should imagine, the lower the variance, the better your chances of winning. However, prizes are usually smaller. You should pay attention to the cost of the ticket, the prize, the potential jackpot and the odds.

If you are not interested in those analysis, you can also make your choice taking into account visual attractiveness. It is up to you. Maybe that can also work because, to state it clear, there is nothing you can really do to improve your chances of winning.

The thruth is that, in general, you can not win a great amount of money with scratch cards. They are popular beacuse they are simple and are also the option of conservative players. The good news is that many online casino platforms allow its players to try them for free, so you can practice and enjoy without having to deposit money. Obviously, it depends on the casino.

We hope you enjoyed our review on scratch cards. You can also read our articles about online casinos that have a good name in reference to scratch cards, as in the case of Scratchmania an other casino games.  


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