Scavengers becomes the new trend within Twitch

By Ucatchers

The holdings within twitch in the categories of video game have been varying throughout this year. Among the references we find the servers of GTA Roleplay like NoPixel or Marbella Vice by Ibai Llanos, and in the same way Among Us is still among the most viewed on the streaming platform thanks to its new map. The videogame that has broken into the purple mark is Scavengers, becoming the new trend within Twitch.

The battle royale that exhausts all the keys of your Steam early access in a single day

The early access The title developed by former Halo and Battlefield employees was released last Thursday. In which, keys in order to enjoy the battle royale of Midwinter (their developer) before their official release they were sold out on the Steam platform in just one day. “Survival is only half the battle”, this is the letter of introduction within the website of the new trend on Twitch.

Game screenshot / Source: Scavengers

Scavengers presents us with a third person survival shooter in which it seeks to reunite thousands of players in the same game. Its members will embark on scenarios set in a post-apocalyptic future. All participants will face off on a battlefield with elements of PvE and PvP. In the same way, the combatants will have to worry about the attacks of other rivals and, in addition to the threats of other creatures that prowl around. Users will have that each of the characters will have their own special powers and unique weapons, in addition to having manufacturing mechanics.

The reasons for the success of Scavengers on Twitch

The development and announcement of the battle royale went quietly, until it was time to launch their early access within the platform Steam. Its sudden announcement and collaboration with the purple brand to get it played before its official launch through the Twitch Drops It has catapulted him into trending topics on the streaming platform.

A fame that placed Scavengers as the sixth most watched video game within the Amazon application during its launch with a 120,000 peak viewers. The workers of Midwinter They ensure that their first title will go out to the merchants officially from the May 1 through the platforms of Steam Y Epic games.

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