Roulette Numbers

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Hi, fellow readers of Wincatchers. Welcome to our article about an essential part of the roulette that all players adore. This time we are going to speak of Roulette Numbers, 36 (or more) options that conform the main destiny of bettings. This article is not focus on strategies or in the fact of how to bet on the roulette table, the idea that we have is to let you know more about the numbers that are a crucial part of of this amazing game of chances.

Roulette Numbers

If we take into consideration the european roulette, in the beginning, only 36 numbers were created without the 0 or the 00, so the chances to get any number were exactly equal. As you see , despite the condition of color, odd or even, or high or low, the chances for you to obtain a hit were 1/36.

It was later,  Montecarlo, when the 0 was included in the game to give the casino an extra benefit. And after that, when the roulette game arrived in the USA, the 00 was also included to give even more advantage to the casino. Believe or not, it’s the truth.

European and American Roulette

Even though many people think that there is only one type of roulette, there are two popular versions of this game of chance: the American and the European (also known as French) roulette. The main difference between them are the inclusion of the 00 in the American version, so your chances of winning are less than in the European roulette.

As a consequence, your chances in the Euripean version are 1 in 37 and you would be paid in case of winning 35-1. In the case of the American one, your chances are 37-1, as there are 38 numbers, but the piad in case of a hit is also 35-1. That’s why the American roulette provides an extra benefit to the casino.

Numbers 0 and 00

Usually, when the 0 number shows up, all the bets are lost. There are some exception to this according to the casino policy. In some ocassions, the casino applies a rule of cut the bet by half so don’t lose all. Of course, you can also chose the option to bet on 0 or 00 in roulette if they are your favourite numbers.

Statistics and Possibilities

Some players place their bets following the idea that some numbers have more chances to hit than others. However, despite the type of roulette, if everything works well and the casinos are regulated, that is to say that the casinos have a valid licence to operate in the country and the control made by the authorities is ok, there are not favourite numbers.

For this reason, if we base our study in casinos working properly, your chances to get a hit in the European roulette are 2.78%. In the case of the American one, as we need to take into account the existence of the 00, your chances are 2.63%. And those percentages never change.

Supersticious Numbers

To put an end to our article, let’s consider some popular beliefs related to numbers. Even though any number on the carpet is available to make the bet, some players decide not to bet money on some numbers as a matter of superstition. As you can see in the National Geographic webpage, in some countries, different numbers are not well received as people think they can bring bad luck.

For example, 13 is a number known to be cursed in many countries, as you can see in the film Friday 13th. In China the “forbidden” number is 4 as it name is the same as death. In the case of Japan, they don’t like the number 9 as it sounds similar to the word torture or suffering. Finally, in Italy the least favourite number is 17 because this number in Roman numeral XVII can create the word “VIXI”, a word in Latin that means “my life is over.”

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