Rosters for the 2021 LEC and LCS season

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FullEsports - Rosters for the 2021 LEC and LCS season

The League of Legends market has opened and the pieces on the board have started to move. However, this can create some confusion for fans who don’t follow the minute-by-minute competitive scene at LEC and LCS. Therefore, we provide you with a summary of how the rosters would look for the 2021 season of LEC and LCS with the rumors and confirmations.



Astralis, formerly known as Origin, has moved his entire roster except Nukeduck for the 2021 LEC season. The most interesting bet is the incorporation of Jeskla to the position of marksman. For the rest, on paper, the quintet is worse than last season and we will have to wait to see if the changes pay off with a Nukeduck that is in the doldrums.

Excel Esports


In Excel Esports there seem to be an air of continuity of the project for the 2021 season. Of the rosters with less changes in LEC. However, Caedrel and Special leave the ship and their posts are still up in the air. There are many names ringing, although everything indicates that Excel could opt for young talents from the ERL for the mid-jungle duo.

FC Schalke 04

20202021Odoamne Broken Blade GiliusGiliusAbbedaggeAbbedaggeNeonDreams Dylan FalcoDylan falco

Schalke 04 trusts the Abbedagge-Gilius duo ahead of next season and has therefore ensured the continuity of both and a Dylan Falco that paid off in the final sprint of last season. Although the rest of the roster is still a true unknown since it is certain that neither Odoamne nor Dreams continue.


20202021BwipoBwipoSelfmadeNemesisNisqyRekklesCrownshot or UpsetHylissangHylissangMithyYamatoCannon

Mithy does not seem to have had the best experience after a year of good results. Everything indicates that he would leave the position and the coach who sounds the loudest is an old acquaintance of the LEC: YamatoCanon. On the other hand, it seems that Nisqy is a reality after the arrival of PerkZ to Cloud9. The great unknown remains of whether or not Rekkles signs his renewal with the British team. The rest would stay one more year.

G2 Esports


After failing to achieve the goal of at least equalizing last year’s world runner-up, some pieces of G2 Esports are going to change. PerkZ is leaving his chair to go to the LCS and at G2 Esports they think of Rekkles as the ideal signing to complete one of the most dominant 2021 rosters in LEC history.

MAD Lions


At MAD Lions they wanted to give the top of the map a complete turn. Although it is not official yet, the Armut and ElYoya contracts are very close to being signed for the upper lane and the jungle respectively. Mac works with talent and he will surely polish the diamond that is ElYoya, who has just had an amazing season with Movistar Riders in Superliga Orange. It looks like Mac will have one of the most exciting rosters at his command for the 2021 LEC season.

Misfits Gaming


The quality leap that Misfits would take for next season is stark. In principle, they would pay Vetheo’s buyout to LDLC, one of the ERL’s most promising midlaners. They would also incorporate Agresivoo in the upper lane and Vander who comes free of Rogue to be the squire of a Kobbe who has not had the best of seasons. A priori one of the rosters to follow in LEC to see how young talents evolve in 2021.


20202021FinnOdoamneInspiredLarssenHans SamaVanderTrymbiRedy132

Rogue, on paper, loses steam in the bottom lane although we will have to wait to see Trymbi’s performance coming up from the academy to assess whether the bet has been successful or not. On the other hand, in principle the incorporation of Odoamne is an improvement in a top lane that was the Achilles heel of the rogues.

SK Gaming


Blue is another one of those great promises for the central street. Although surprising that they stop counting on Zazee after a solvent season defending the center lane of SK Gaming. The bad news for SK fans is that Crownshot is a confirmed casualty and it remains to be seen which shooter is capable of replacing the Pole.

Team Vitality


Team Vitality says goodbye to one of its most characteristic players. Cabochard leaves his chair to a Szygenda who in Superliga Orange has given a great level. However, we will have to see what he is capable of doing in LEC with a roster that seems to be very continuous on the part of Team Vitality.

100 Thieves

20202021SsundayContractzCloserRyomaCody SunFBIPoomezikz



Cloud9 has swerved to get back on the LCS title track. To redirect the cloud to new titles they are very close to signing PerkZ. The Croatian leaves G2 Esports due to his desire to return to play in the center lane. Reignover has also arrived with new ideas that could give the necessary push to fight one-on-one against Team Liquid.

Counter Logic Gaming


Finn and Broxah are a quality leap for a Counter Logic Gaming that should opt to fight for a few playoff spots. A long time ago that CLG that fought for the LCS titles and everything indicates that 2021 will not be the year in which the old CLG is back.



Dignitas will continue with the project for the next LCS season. Although he will have to move in the transfer market since Johnsun leaves and there is a chair left to cover.

Evil Genius

20202021HuniImpactSvenskeren Svenskeren JizukeJizukeBangLostZeyzalIgnarIreanPeter dun

Evil Genius would have managed to get rid of Huni and replace with Impact one of the toplaners with the most impact in the top lane in the entire North American league. He would also have managed to keep the mid-jungle duo and change the couple in the lower lane. An LCS roster where if the pieces fit together he could aspire to great things.



The latest LCS runner-up this season bets heavily on one of the most promising players in South America. The incorporation of Josedeodo has raised great expectations and taking over the services of Licorice is an insurance in the upper street. However, it remains to be seen how all the pieces fit in a very changed roster.

Golden guardians


Without a doubt, the team with the most unknowns in the entire LCS since, at the moment, it does not have any position covered and all its players do not continue.



Immortals has bet on the former Origen trainer to take command of the ship. Everything indicates that it would come with Xerxe and Destiny. It remains to be seen what Gulhoto is capable of on a roster with so much weight in the choice of signings.

Team Liquid


The additions of Alphari and Santorin would be great news for Team Liquid. A team that aspires to the LCS title and has managed to keep a good part of its block for the 2021 season. The incorporation of Alphari in the top lane will surely bear great fruit since in Origen it has come to lift, practically alone, has everything his team in games that were lost.

Team SoloMid

20202021Broken BladeHuniSplicaSplicaBjergsenPowerOfEvilDoubleliftDoubleliftBiofrostSwordArtParthBjergsen

In Team SoloMid we could have one of the signings of the year with the most likely incorporation of SwordArt world finalist with Suning Gaming. It will be of great help for a Bjersen who after retiring from the central lane wants to try as a coach. Replacing Bjergsen has to be a difficult task but PoE is a player with very good mechanics and depending on the face Huni gives in the top lane we could see TSM repeat the title again.

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