roikeloo and t4t0PAGAU draw five figures from the Bounty Builder of

By Ucatchers

The sessions could not be rounded off with a place upgrade from B4NKR0LL3R, who was shortstacked and first eliminated in the FT of the High Roller Blowout Series Side Event.

The Bountys fixed Monday

The Bountys fixed Monday

Tournaments Bounty Builder They fixed a Monday day that started down on

We had been pending a difficult task to Juanki Neighbor, who had less than 10bb to try to improve his ninth and last position on day 2 of HR Blowout Series Side Event $ 5,200.

It was a remarkable bolón, with $ 219,546 up, but Juanki lost the forced all-in and had to settle for the $ 26,713 that we already commented yesterday that he had insured.

We were also out of reach pretty quickly andl $ 1,050 Big Blowout, a tournament that ended up touching the 7M $ purse.

The Last Spaniard was Sergi Reixach, who fell 122nd with a prize of $ 5,292. The champion will win the best prize of the festival, $ 983,291, for which the main favorite should be the chipleader “arbaarba”, a player who defends the Lithuanian flag.

The disappointment lasted all afternoon, because the good results for the Navy were made to wait until well into the morning.

The Galician Roi Pereira “roikeloo” got the best out of the mechanics of these tournaments in the Bounty Builder 215 $. With 331 participants, the first two places of the tournament were assigned $ 5,322. Roi almost tripled that amount thanks to being able to defend a loot of $ 8,185 before the Russian “mr.dishi”.

It was a shame that I couldn’t do the same Mario Navarro “t4t0PAGAU” in the heads-up of the HRC: Bouty Builder 530 $ HR.

The Russians gave us back the coin in this tournament, and Mario’s champion and executioner was “bArAbAshkA39”, who left alone $ 4,867 for the Spaniard to complete the maximum prize per position of 16,567$.

Navarro was not the only Spaniard to reach the final in this field of 416 players. Daniel Palau “danipesis” was fighting with him until the sixth place, and did so by accumulating $ 3,532 in eliminations, to add to the $ 4,803 that corresponded to him by classification.

At GGPoker, rivals from Juan Pardo They have managed to contain the momentum of the Andalusian, but it was a Pyrrhic victory.

Yes, they managed to prevent our representative from winning a tournament yesterday, for the second time in all Malaka sessions in 2021, but good old Juan made up for himself with a second place in the High Rollers Main Event $ 1,500 (93 players, $ 16,653) , which added to four other small ITMs fed a good ROI% in the session.

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