RNG Named LPL Champion: The Chinese King Returns

By Ucatchers

RNG is the new LPL champion after months of hard fighting against some of the best teams, and above all, after years of fighting with himself. As we have said on numerous occasions, the improvement of the Royal team came at the least expected moment. Although signings were exciting, there were reasons to think that it was not a season to storm the title, and more seeing the transfer market of his rivals. Still the time to leave all that behind has come

Brief summary of your season

RNG’s regular season has been the closest thing to a military walk. All the time placed at the top of the table, many voices whispered about whether the group would be able to hold up in such a strong and long league. The questions of when he was going to fall or when they were going to start to faint were on everyone’s mind, but as the days went by, they became silent. A new team with changes of position included, that fought against stronger teams.

Only two series escaped in the entire regular phase: against Bilibili in a tight 2-1 and against JD Gaming. Still, its might was beastly. To understand it better we leave you some information. In the 10 weeks of competition, 6 had RNG representation. All its players have gone through the team of the week, but also in up to four weeks RNG has won the award for best player. As if that were not enough, RNG managed to place three players in the All Pro Team, and one in the 2nd All Pro Team.

These scandal numbers sent them straight to the playoff finals, where they would meet the best in the league. The rest of the story you already know, but RNG became LPL champion for the fourth time in its history, and it’s approaching five o’clock EDG. The path, JRR Tolkien-style, was winding all the way to Mount Doom. A small group of disparate characters known as the Fellowship of the Ring has managed to bring RNG to your site again. The return of the King has come true.

The Fellowship of the Ring

If in the famous movie and book “The Lord of the Rings” the reason for everything is clear, RNG has its own motive. In the style of the Community, the group of five players need to go a long way, with numerous challenges, to rise once again with what belongs to him. But this group has first and last names. Just like we did with DAMWON and the Golden State Warriors, we explain which characters resemble RNG players.

If we have to start with someone, that must be the “captain.” The lighthouse of the RNG ship is without a doubt Ming. In the style of Gandalf the White (and not just because of the age of the Chinese support), the player is able to lead a whole group of people so different that a priori it seemed impossible for them to fit in. Although on other occasions he has proven to be an excellent peel character player, Ming has once again demonstrated his true level with starters like Alistar, Rell or even Thresh.

What’s more, Ming also had his fall to hell as if from the fight with Balrog in Moria it was. Ming, after the departure of Uzi of the mythical Chinese organization was lost in Summoner’s Rift. At last, in a system in which you feel important again and in which you have found your place, Ming has been reborn. But if there is a captain, there must be the team that follows him.

In the first place, if we talk about Moria we must make a stop at the gimli dwarf of the group. This role is that of Xiaohu. Historically in Tolkien’s world, the dwarves have been a race mistreated by the rest. In the case of Xiaohu, all of us who have followed the China region for a while are aware of this situation. Xiaohu had to do his dirty work on many occasions, with choices like Galio or Sion in between, but always I was the first to be singled out.

His change to the top lane did not bode well, but even so the player has managed to silence everyone’s mouths. He has returned to be that decisive profile, but his experience not only with tanks but in the Rift, has been a point in his favor. Although his Ornn was nothing to write home about (he would have fit the role perfectly), Xiaohu is a box of surprises. Elections like Tristana, Lucian, Akali, Orianna or SyndraThey have been a constant in the top lane.

Xiaohu’s change of position went better than expected

But we all know that if the dwarf Gimli is there, he needs a character by his side. This is Legolas, the gray elf. Tolkien’s character is known to all, but could be captured on paper as a smart profile, with excellent positioning and incredible aim. In the RNG team this can only be GALA. The Chinese shooter arrived this winter from Dominus, where it was the only salvageable from a general disaster. However, nothing made us think that this player could become the shooter he has become.

Always protected by Gandalf (Ming) and Gimli (Xiaohu), Legolas has only one job to do, and that is finish off his opponents. Although his conversion of the damage done to the gold obtained is positive, without more, he is a more than solvent player. So much with Kai’Sa as with Xayah you feel comfortable as you can defend yourself in case you are left alone in line or hunted. Undoubtedly a key piece within the project for RNG to become LPL champion.

But we have two players left. Wei and Cryin they have achieved a spectacular synergy in a short time, but there is a “catch”. Both players knew each other from to be. In fact, the first months of that group as soon as they arrived at the LPL were very good, and much of the blame was on both of them. RNG’s golden pair cannot be other than the one formed by Sam and frodo. With a common past before reaching the Fellowship of the Ring, both two have been the last strongholds of the group to reach the goal.

Wei and Cryin, two inseparable friends

Wei is a player who has surprised all the fans on the planet. The Chinese jungle is the best ally for each of the RNG players. Without fear of getting together with any of his companions as appropriate, it is the perfect squire. The mixture of self-confidence for his youth and leadership, make a perfect mix. Lillia, Hecarim or Udyr they are some of the perfect enablers for your team, although it shows that sometimes you can put the weight of the team on your back, just like Sam did with Frodo to climb Mount Doom.

Frodo, in this case, is none other than Cryin. The Chinese center-back stands out for being a “humble” player. En la Grieta has a profile of being a calm and quiet person as well as being patient. With characters like Viktor or Azir, Cryin it is climbing until there comes a point that suddenly becomes one more main sword. In addition, like Frodo, as we said before, he stands out for his humility. With just one 21.5% of the gold (Xiaohu and GALA surpass him), ands the one that does the most damage of the whole team.

This entire team has managed to go through a lot of bad times like the battle at Helm’s Deep (3-2 vs TES in the Bracket losers), the battle of Minas Tirith, in Gondor (3-2 vs EDG in the semifinals) or the battle of the Black Gate, in Mordor (3-1 vs FPX in the grand finale). However, RNG is once again the champion of the LPL, and its path proves it. The return of the King has come true.

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