Riot Games announces VALORANT Champions Tour

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Riot Games announces VALORANT Champions Tour

Riot Games just announced this afternoon the VALORANT Champions Tour, a competition organized by the North American developer for 2021 to further professionalize its competitive tactical shooter.

This competition will take place in all parts of the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Of all these regions, there will only be one world champion at the end of next year.

A VALORANT Champions Tour divided into three levels

Structure of VALORANT Champions Tour;  Source: Riot GamesStructure of VALORANT Champions Tour. Source: Riot Games

Riot Games knows how to organize tournaments and this one is no exception. This competition will be divided into three different levels which will begin in early 2021, looking like this:

  • A Regional Challenger: The teams from a region They play against each other to judge the best three and advance to the next phase.
  • Event Masters: The clubs accumulate points to qualify for the biggest event on the Champions Tour.
  • Event Champions: Scheduled for the end of the year, 16 best teams in the world of the events mentioned above They will compete to be crowned the best team on the planet.

A tournament worthy of VALORANT importance

After an outstanding start in April and later in June, VALORANT was already projected as the main competitor of CS: GO. Later the first major tournaments of the shooter called “Ignition Series” with G2 as the winner of most of them. Following the success of this tournament series, Riot Games itself launched its largest tournament to date: VALORANT First Strike.

This competition will end in a few weeks, in which Mixwell and company are clear favorites to win the European regional and be crowned again on the old continent. With the confirmation of this tournament, what will end between December 3 and 6, 2021, greatly increases the importance of VALORANT in today’s esports landscape and has a life expectancy equal to or close to League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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